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10/4/12 3:56 P

emoticon Welcome to Spark. You have taken an important step on your journey by joining!
I've been a member almost 3 years. I made fantastic progress and lost 100 pounds in the first year BUT I became careless about nutrition and exercise and have gained a lot of the pounds back! I became disgusted with myself and closed my Spark account, but soon realized I NEEDED to be here. I'm back using the nutrition and exercise trackers now - they are so important. The sense of community and the friendships I have made here keep me going!
Explore the site, make your Sparkpage if you haven’t, join teams, and make friends. You will find this site an amazing place full of encouragement, inspiration, advice, and support.
Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Good luck!

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10/4/12 10:47 A

Hi Heather!

Advice???? LOL - just stay with it. Even if you don't do the diet/exercise thing perfectly, stay with it. We all have our ups and downs and struggle from time to time. You didn't put on that extra 30 in a day, week, or month right?

I'm in the same boat. -30 would be wonderful for me, but I'm working in 5lb increments to not get discouraged. Stay in touch with Spark peeps for motivation - many, many folks are here and share your concerns! emoticon

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10/4/12 10:22 A

Hi, I'm Heather. I've been on and off diets for the past 2 years. I've always had problems with my weight, but I have been able to lose when I wanted to. But that was ten years ago. Now that I'm in my 30s, counting calories and walking a few times a week isn't enough.
I work at a desk job. I'm married to a wonderful guy who eats like an 18-year-old and thinks diet food is mashed potatoes without cheese. I've relied heavily on food for emotional stability in the past, but now that I'm at a good place, I need to get rid of the extra weight. Not only would it do wonders for my self esteem, it'd mean I'd fit into my old wardrobe again (clothes are expensive!), end a lot of annoying health issues that have moved in, be active like I once was and have more energy.
That said, I tend to get really focused on what I eat and my activity level for a few months, but fall off the wagon after losing only eight or ten pounds. Then I gain that back - and more - in a matter of days. I need to learn how to stick to a new lifestyle, not do yo-yo dieting. Any encouragement/tips/admonitions/secrets/voo
doo/brainwashing program/scientific breakthrough/witty phrases/inspiration/threats of taking away all my cookies are appreciated! =D

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