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4/13/13 11:19 A

I requested a small under desk elliptical/bike for Christmas and my husband got it for me. It was the only one I thought 'might' fit under my desk... unfortunately... it's about 2 inches too high to use under the desk. The way our cubicles are designed, my desk can't be raised. It's pretty heavy, so repacking and returning online would have been a pain. It's back home now and I kinda use it watching TV... but unfortunately it's not getting any where near the use I had intended. If you opt to go this route... really research it first. I do love mine and it would have been perfect, if it fit.

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4/13/13 11:18 A

LOL - I love SHEROLDS answer - she's smart like a fox.

Try to stand every once in awhile and do calf raises or other leg stretches, holding onto your chair. I sneak weight workouts in when ever possible, using my own resistance (no weights)

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4/13/13 11:06 A

Have you heard of mini exercise bikes? They can usually fit under a desk, and you can pedal while working to get your heart rate up.

4/12/13 8:19 P

great input Thanks!
since I have a window in my office looking out into manufacturing I will keep all exercise confined to the Ladies room which these will work great in!!

4/12/13 1:49 P

I used to do wall push-ups (open armed and closed) every time I went to the restroom... after a couple of months my arms looked great!

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4/12/13 1:30 P

I do squats, lunges, walking lunges, desk pushups, regular pushups, a few yoga poses. You get the idea. I have my own office, so I don't run too big of a risk of people seeing me do a few exercises.

4/12/13 1:26 P

thanks I appreciate your help!!

4/12/13 1:25 P

would work IF we had stairs! No other floors except ground level..

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4/8/13 10:28 P

I too used to go to use the restroom, but climbed stairs and used restrooms up on other floors. Noticed that other workers did this, too.

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4/8/13 9:16 P


Here is a great article that you may find helpful. Be sure to check out the related content at the bottom of the article as well.

Be well,

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4/8/13 8:22 P

I imagine you also get a lunch break. Take a 10 to 20 minute walk during that time.

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4/8/13 5:54 P

HAHAHA! I LOVE it, Sheryl!!! When I get an office job, I'm going to to that.

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4/8/13 5:39 P

I worked in a large office building. I used to pick up my notebook and walk away from my desk as if I was going to a meeting. Then I would walk, take the stairs, and come back for a few minutes. No one ever questioned it because it always looked as if I were going to meet with a user or going to a meeting. It gets the blood circulating and helps relieve the tension in the shoulders. And you can think clearer.

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4/8/13 5:26 P

Can you access youtube from work? If you can, spark has a few seated workouts that you can try. There's seated cardio, seated upper body, and seated core, for sure. I'm not sure if there are more.

4/8/13 4:44 P

Help I spend 9 hours a day attached to my computer, I am lookin for quick stretches(besides touching my toes) to do when I run to teh restroom..
all help is appreciated!!

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