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WANNABETHIN32 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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12/20/12 4:32 P

I am off the wagon now and can't seem to get myself back on it again. I know I should, but that's just it. I say I should but don't do it. I can't seem to find the motivation.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/19/12 5:28 P

If you keep telling yourself tomorrow it will never come. I would set a goal with a reward for your self to attain. I am sure that you can do this. Keep me posted I would love to hear about your success. Go get this.............You can do this.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/19/12 3:55 P

Set a time. Put it in your calendar. It is an appointment, an important one, and you can't miss it. If you don't feel like it, tough, you have to go. You can't just cancel appointments without a good reason, it's rude! Put your shoes on and walk out the door when you need to be at your appointment. When you get back put a gold star on your calendar. Repeat the next day. How many stars in a row can you get?

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (82,009)
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12/19/12 3:23 P

Try to do something this evening if you can. If you keep telling yourself "tomorrow," you're likely to keep telling yourself "tomorrow" again and again.

JULSAM1 SparkPoints: (6)
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12/19/12 12:04 P

No not bored I actually love to walk as it is my time to listen to my music and think clear my head ...put things in perspective but mind you some of the days have been cold and I hate the cold to a point that if I dont have to go out in it I wont ...
I usually work out first thing in the mornings in the winter otherwise I know I wont work out at all but I just tell myself 5 more min to sleep then I tell myself I will walk at lunch for 20-30 min but I find an excuse ...
My eating habits are good and I have maintained that ..I always allow myself a treat everyday like a peice of chocolate or a cookie some days both but I make sure the rest of the day is a good eating one ...but the work out thing is just really bothering me ..

So I said to myself ok ...Tomorrow morning up and at it ...even if it means doing my biggest loser work out or just walking in place with low impact cardio like squats and lifts ...for 30 min then Sat and Sun as well ...but I feel bad and guilty if I dont do anything today.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (82,009)
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Posts: 5,092
12/19/12 11:49 A

The only time I ever really fell off the wagon with exercise was about two years ago. I was still eating well within my ranges but didn't exercise for about 10 days straight (so unlike me). I kept making excuses but eventually I just sucked it up and got back into the swing of things. Are you getting bored with walking? Perhaps that's one reason why you don't really want to exercise.

JULSAM1 SparkPoints: (6)
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12/19/12 11:38 A

Hello Everyone
I just wanted to know if anyone else has every fell off the work out wagon and just found it really really hard to get back on .
I had stopped speed walking and low impact cardio in Oct while I was having some tests done and although all the tests came back normal Thank God ...I am over the moon about that ...I just cannot get myself back into work out mode ...some weeks I walk moderate for 3x at 30 min other 1x at 30 min ...I just cannot get back into it ...I have set some goals for myself before I turn 41 yrs old and working out to lose or maintain at this point was one of them and I am having a really hard time.

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