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10/15/13 1:10 P

Hi, I know this is a little late but i am knew to sparks people. I fully understand where you are coming from. I like you have had many beginnings but for the first time in my diet journey i am looking for an ending . Meaning good success.. I know this may be far fetched but you asked what can you do. the answer, Run like a Gazelle. The Cheetah is the fastest running animal alive but the little Gazell manages to evade him. Pretend you are that Gazell and that food is the Cheetah, run, run, run when the impulse to eat tries to overtake you. One baby step at a time. My second thing that I do is resolve to have , RELENTLESS DETERMINATION. I remind myself on a daily to be RELENTLESS IN MY DETERMINATION TO WIN TODAY. I hope that this helps and I will keep you in prayer.

IGNITEME101 Posts: 7,110
10/11/13 8:12 P


BRENDACDB SparkPoints: (213)
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10/11/13 5:14 P

Hi just a word of encorgement .. So be in coraged. Roam was not built in a day. one small step at a time. I just started my diet on 10/2/2013. So far i am down 13 pounds. here is the two words that I use on myself. RELENTLESS DETERMINATION. I constantly tell myself that I must run with this as if I am a gazel and a cheetah is chasing me. The cheetah of food and if i do not run away it will consume me. Defeating me and this time I refuse to be defeated. I started out weighing 293 lbs. as of today i am down to 280 lbs. It is hard work but I know you can do it. BE ENCOURAGED.

JJ625JONES Posts: 130
10/4/13 2:14 P

I've given up chocolate as caffeine doesn't sit well with me. I'm not particularly craving it, I can do without, but I would like to be able to eat it again. I am going to go to a health food store see if they carry caffeine free chocolate.
I love the special k bars, but they all have dairy! I'm lactose intolerant. I still need to find a low fibre dairy free chocolate free granola bar too!
Take care.

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10/1/13 10:07 A

I want October to be a fresh start for me.
I too have a sweet toot, but i try to eat "diety sugar". I love Special K (Kellogg) with only 97Kcal.
I included that one as a snack almost daily. I just can't stop eating chocolate i think it's an addiction.

This month I want to burn more calories, by adding more minutes to my training.

We still got like 90 days to go before the year ends, let's make to most of it.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,139
9/30/13 12:49 A

Just start today and do what you can. Dr. Mercola says if you can't quit eating candy, then add the good food you know you need along with eating the candy. Get in the habit of eating WHAT YOU SHOULD and you will lose the want for what we don't need. I think that is a good plan.

JJ625JONES Posts: 130
9/29/13 11:19 P

On Wikipedia it says "October is the 274th day of the year and there are 91 days remaining until the end of the year". I know what my big huge unattainable goal is for this year- I want to end the year off, start 2014 BETTER than I'm feeling now. I've been feeling much better lately. And I know the things I need to do to continue to feel this way:
Stick with the gym plan.
Eat better.
Go somewhere everyday.

Which brings me to, eating better. I am going to try to track my meals. I already plan my meals, so this way I can track them ahead of time. I've been a sporadic tracker in the past so this is a big one for me! It's easy for me to forget to, so maybe I'll do 3 days at a time.

And as for go somewhere everyday. I live in a great city. I want to see more of it, especially before winter comes!

JJ625JONES Posts: 130
9/29/13 10:44 P

I want October to be a big month for me. I am approaching it with great hopes, but also trepidation because, in the past, whenever I've done a "first of the month" thing or "first day of the week " thing, it ended up leveling out. The momentum of the day goes away and I am left with hopes dashed. (Kind of like New Years resolutions, I guess). I DON'T want that to happen this time, so I a) need a plan and b) choose realistic goals, or changes.
I'm not going to sit here and propose to change something huge, I just feel like it's the first day of October 2013, I looove the month of October, I love Fall, I love the leaves falling and the pumpkin carving and I'm going to be doing my very first Thanksgiving this year (oops. Forgot all about that!) It's the first day of October and I want to mark the day with ... SOMETHING, but what?

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