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KIMMERSUGAR SparkPoints: (28,696)
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8/19/10 9:39 A

I commend you on your ability to bring your BMI down below what "someone says" it should be. I know it must be a difficult path but one that will be rewarding in the end for you.

HULTHEN Posts: 1,419
8/19/10 9:39 A

Feels good to see positive change.


JIM-LEMKE Posts: 180
8/19/10 9:38 A

I really like your Message. Congrats, don't be too hard on yourself and keep up the great work.

LUELUE1971 Posts: 1,342
8/19/10 9:38 A

I have decided that according to the BMI charts I will always Be overweight because I am not interested in getting as "light" as they suggest I should. THat's not good for me. However I need to be closer to the lower end of that range instead of the upper end.

Congrats on your progress.

MSQUAN Posts: 421
8/19/10 9:38 A

Congrats!!! Keep pushing!

HETTIE67 Posts: 1
8/19/10 9:38 A

Congratulations! Keep up the good work. emoticon

DARSHAN130 Posts: 1,747
8/19/10 9:36 A

Even though you still have another fight to go, that victory must feel pretty sweet. Congratulations awesome milestone to reach!!!!

8/19/10 9:35 A

Yea! Hey-STOP beating yourself up. The weight didn't come on in a matter of weeks and it will not come off in a matter of weeks. Enjoy your new BMI status and know that what your doing IS working. Congrats! I'm proud of ya :) emoticon

MORRISX5 SparkPoints: (55,387)
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8/19/10 9:35 A

Nice job, just remember 1 day at a time.

SUNNY332 Posts: 35,239
8/19/10 9:35 A

Loved new "O" words Jan posted.

Take this "occasion" and celebrate. You deserve it!

8/19/10 9:35 A

So true. One or two pounds can make a difference on the category, but it is all how you feel!

8/19/10 9:34 A

YEY! Good for you! Can't wait till I can be out of the obese category !

CMORISAK Posts: 3,409
8/19/10 9:34 A


8/19/10 9:33 A

Congratulations! Keep up the Good Work! emoticon

8/19/10 9:33 A

I like the one that Said "O" was for...SO here are some more.
O is for:
Outstanding work you done!!!
Obsessed with findig a BETTER way of life.
Oddles of fun you are having getting healthy.
Obstacle's that you have meet thus far and won.
Overcoming the O word and how great you feel
Open-minded to the healthy journey ahead of you
Opportunities that await you

CAROLG Posts: 106
8/19/10 9:33 A

Don't feel badly, I am in a size 8 and sometimes 10 and my BMI still calls me overweight. I lift weights..lots of muscle mass. Don't trust your clothes.

PLATEAU11 Posts: 1,048
8/19/10 9:33 A

You go girl! Congratulations!

JUDASES Posts: 10
8/19/10 9:33 A

Congrats "o" person and keep up the great work you are becoming a WOW person. (wow I'm doing it). I'm there too and sure is hard work but will be worth every ounce of it when we hit our goal and maintain.

QBERTSUE Posts: 66
8/19/10 9:31 A

Congratulations!!! :-) I look forward to the day that I can go from one O to the other - sometimes it seems almost impossible, but hearing about your progress makes it seem a bit more doable!

OMA2ELI Posts: 7
8/19/10 9:30 A

Outstanding! I too, am still in that Obese category and am looking forward to being one step better everyday!!


8/19/10 9:29 A

Wooo Hooo....Great job and continue your hard work.

8/19/10 9:29 A

Wooo Hooo....Great job and continue your hard work.

ASHIVELY1 Posts: 1
8/19/10 9:25 A

CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the great work! I'm still in the dreded obese category, but moving closer everyday to the overweight category!

8/19/10 9:25 A

I understand how you feel. keep fighting that other "O" word. Each punch is a hit in the right direction. Hard work and deterimanation got you this far and its too much hard work invested to turn back now. Congratulate yourself for what you have done and dont look back. You are a role model for what is to be espected of all of us. I take my hat off to you, we are all here- you are not alone. emoticon

ALL5DAYS Posts: 1
8/19/10 9:25 A

New "o" word for you...opportunity! You grabbed the opportuninty to take control and improve your "o"ver all health and well being! Good for you!!

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GIGIBEV Posts: 2
8/19/10 9:24 A

Good for you! I'm so proud of you! I, too, am at the "O" word obese for the first time in my life and am striving to get to the other "O" word! One step at a time! Congratulations!

8/19/10 9:22 A

You may be fighting the O words - but you are "outstanding" !

JUANITAM345 Posts: 196
8/19/10 9:22 A

Congrats. Keep up the good work.


COREYSS Posts: 24
8/19/10 9:21 A

Rock on with your bad self...good for you.

SAVAGE5512 Posts: 2
8/19/10 9:21 A


JUDNEWT Posts: 1
8/19/10 9:18 A

Fantastic! Keep it up, and don't let the 'O' words put you off!

INGMARIE Posts: 11,750
8/19/10 9:15 A

"OutOfThisWorld" is the way to describe this.
you go emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

8/19/10 9:15 A

What a fantastic achievement! Keep up the good work and be well!!

1STHEALTH Posts: 1
8/19/10 9:15 A

You're doing great. Don't Give up!

STAR1010 Posts: 6
8/19/10 9:15 A give me hope on a day I needed some big-time! THANK YOU for showing me that I can tell the "O" words to take a hike ,too...IF I keep going like you did! Awesome job! Linda

MAI-TIME-2011 Posts: 2,916
8/19/10 9:14 A

Congrats! That is great news. Keep up the great work!

JENIFROUFROU SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,286)
Posts: 2,755
8/19/10 9:10 A

I think your progress is "Outstanding"!

MARGARITTM Posts: 6,083
8/19/10 9:04 A

How About "On my way", or "Over the last Obstacle and heading for the next" or "Over acheiving" or "SOOO over the labels"

ELIZMDYER Posts: 2,603
8/19/10 9:03 A

emoticon job on the weight loss! You are doing fantastic. I hate the labels they give people. After all, we are all more than a number on a scale!

MICHELLYD SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (35,756)
Posts: 443
8/19/10 9:03 A


I too can relate to that "O" Words. It should still make you feel proud. emoticon

MILANMOM1969 Posts: 481
7/18/10 5:57 P

I couldn't agree more. What an awful way to label people. And I think (and have read) that the BMI system is a lousy way to measure fitness. I mean, I have a very large, solid (and one would have to assume heavy) bone structure. I don't believe I would look healthy if I got down to the middle of my "healthy" weight range, based on the BMI scale. And I would be delighted to help you kick someone's you-know-what when we hit our goals for having made us feel like we should fit in some distorted ideal weight range. My plan is to finish losing 100 lbs, and then re-evaluate where I want to be. I don't know what I will look like after 100 pounds, because I have had 4 children since I was anywhere near that weight. And I'm not sure I have been on their "healthy" scale since I was in 4th grade. And guess what? I was very healthy and active in high school. I'm telling you, my bones, muscles and skin combined probably weigh within their "healthy" range. And since I don't plan on a lobotomy anytime soon, I will probably not be getting down to the BMI scale's version of healthy. I have searched for a system that takes into account wrist measurements to decipher bone mass, and I think that sounds more reasonable. Granted, muscle weighs more than fat, so the amount of muscle would also dictate ideal weight as well. Now, granted, the scale of ideal weight that I found was created in 1974, but those measurements were more reasonable. Obesity (as they call it) was not so prevalent in 1974. SOOOOO, I'm thinking that maybe using their weight range is a better plan for me. Just some food for thought. Best of luck to all on our SP journey to good health!


OK, I was asked for the scale that I refer to in my post by a member, and realized other people may want to look at it as well. It is the Metropolitan Life system, and I have seen it referred to as being from '74 and also from '79. Not sure which is accurate, but I will add the link. Thanks for your interest.

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BELLALUCIA Posts: 3,451
7/18/10 4:13 P


MIS2101 Posts: 4,000
7/18/10 3:55 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

LINDAANNB1 Posts: 519
7/18/10 3:35 P

Wow!!! good for you , way to go! what a great feeling this must be!!!

BELLA853 Posts: 111
7/18/10 1:23 P

Congratulations!! That BMI calculator is a nasty little motivator, isn't it?! Keep it up!

CATLADY21 Posts: 1,947
7/18/10 1:01 P


KITTY01430 Posts: 93
7/18/10 10:35 A

Great job!!! emoticon Remember it's all baby steps until you look back and see how far you have really gone. You cant hit healthy until you got to overweight from obese, You are on the right track and doing awesome keep it up and that bmi will work its way down even more!!! emoticon

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (70,023)
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Posts: 14,448
7/18/10 10:20 A

Woohoo -- great attitude and results! Keep this up and you'll be amazed at all the goals you reach in many areas of life.


MCSNYDER1 Posts: 3,725
7/18/10 7:46 A

Woo Hoo!!!! Good for you!!!!

PIGGSY1 Posts: 77
7/18/10 6:36 A

After 63 days and a ton of sweat, the BMI says I'm no longer OBESE. For all my hard work, I am now officially OVERWEIGHT (on the very top end of that scale). I hated that word "OBESE", and I'm not very fond of 'OVERWEIGHT". No.... in fact I hate that word too.

Some skinny person must have created those words, and once I OVERCOME being OVERWEIGHT, I intend to look that person up and kick their a__.

I'm happy that I've gotten this far ... but angry that I had to, and even further miffed that I will be spending the rest of the year fighting the new "O" word. But, believe me, I will be doing it under a black flag.

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