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NASFKAB SparkPoints: (506,003)
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7/19/11 2:16 P

Thanks so much for the kind thought going home to Bangladesh on 24 th July but wanted to know where I could get one so to be able to find it on my next trip

7/19/11 11:54 A

Wish I'd read this discussion a week ago. Sold a Nuwave oven at a garage sale for $1 a couple weeks ago. My wife's elderly father lives with us and he bought one, used it once, then threw it in the garage where it eventually became part of the clutter that prompted the garage sale. I would have gladly given it to a Spark colleague.

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (506,003)
Fitness Minutes: (192,714)
Posts: 270,776
7/12/11 10:56 P

Where to get one?

GRAMSROC Posts: 958
7/11/11 4:51 P

Thanks for the info - I have seen the infomercials and wondered if they are worth it.

JOELYGIRL29 SparkPoints: (4)
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7/11/11 11:37 A

I've had my eye on getting one for some time now, thank you for sharing your experience with it!

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (506,003)
Fitness Minutes: (192,714)
Posts: 270,776
6/9/11 10:10 P

Where could I get one?

SUECHRIS50 SparkPoints: (72,085)
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6/7/11 5:34 P

Im so glad because i want to buy one for healthy cooking!

CHUBBY_MOM SparkPoints: (91,992)
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6/3/11 3:49 A

My daughter and son-in-law received one for a wedding gift and they love it also. They made a small turkey in it for us and even my Mom liked it. Everything that they have made on it for us has been very tasty. Would like one of my own.

HBRENDA1 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/2/11 10:47 A

Hi everyone I have a newave oven and love it. I have it for about 4 yrs now, I would be lost without it. If I forget to pull dinner out no problem just through it in and it will be done in about 30 minutes no worries. I do not eat the fat it drops below and the food tastes so good. You can cook anything you cook in your oven in this. Everybody that I cook for cannot believe how good the food tastes. My friend’s son calls it a nuclear oven but he is only 10. My son who is 15 loves the way the food tastes. I make him grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken and cheese tacos he loves them better than being cooked on the stove. I would recommend if you know someone who has one to try it you will love it.

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