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3/24/13 1:53 P

Your post is encouraging for me to read Lilli, thank you!

3/22/13 11:19 A

"I would also like to experience Weight Loss With Cool Sound Effects!"

BUNNYKICKS, I add sound effects to almost everything in my life! It makes my day far more exciting. Of course people look at me like I'm cray cray, but that's okay. It's worth it.


FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
3/21/13 8:15 P

Thank you Becky!

3/21/13 7:54 P

Even though I am the Registered Dietitian with sparkpeople, I cannot view your tracker unless it is made public. Private is private when it comes to the tracker.
SP Dietitian Becky

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/21/13 7:50 P

"Blammo! A pound dropped off..."

I would also like to experience Weight Loss With Cool Sound Effects! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sorry it just struck me as funny... ha ha some people have to check in with the scale, others just wait to hear the Blammo!


3/21/13 7:04 P

My weight loss stalled, and I upped my calories a bit. Blammo! A pound dropped off, even though I had gone over my calorie limit three days in a row.

I've started eating a whole avocado with my lunch everyday (if I feel like it). They are packed with calories and good fats.

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3/21/13 6:36 P

I have been having trouble meeting my requirements also. I added a scoop of protein powder to my almond milk. It helps me.

FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
3/21/13 6:28 P

Becky--Can Spark experts view our trackers even when set to private? Not a problem but was just wondering. emoticon
SBECKER526---what a great idea! I never thought about sending directly to my dietitian and doctor.

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3/21/13 7:58 A

Thanks for all your ideas everyone! I really appreciate it! :)

SBECKER526 Posts: 1,518
3/20/13 10:05 P

My registered dietitian reviews my nutrition tracker. She came up with great ideas. My doctor also studied some of my reports as he was interested in the site. My husband's dialysis nurses see how closely I monitor his potassium, phosphorus, and sodium levels.

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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3/20/13 8:49 P

There's a trick I use to eat vegetables that I'm really not in the mood for, which might help you eat other foods even if you aren't really hungry.

The trick, as strange as it may sound, is eat while driving!

Ok so obviously you can't do this with all foods, but since I have about a 30 min commute to and from work, I find that that's the time I try to get in things like carrot sticks or other veggies that I'm usually otherwise not interested in eating. Maybe for you, try cheese sticks, good source of protein, or granola bars...whatever you like that's easy to hold in one hand

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
3/20/13 2:33 P

Did you see a registered dietitian or a nutritionist? There is a really important difference between the two. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, even if they have no training at all as there is no regulation on people using that term. A registered dietitian has a formal degree from an accredited university (minimum 4 year degree), has completed an approved internship, has passed a licensing exam and is licensed. They also have continuing education requirements that they have to meet in order to stay licensed.

3/20/13 2:26 P

What calorie range does your "nutritionist" suggest??
I see your calorie intake at: 1151, 1186, 1188, 1393, 1248.

Why does the nutritionist want you to use a protein shake?? Your protein intake is: 85, 81,116, 98. These gram amounts would be meeting your protein needs. The only day you are low in protein (only 34 grams) is the day you skipped lunch and dinner.

It is important not to skip meals.
Including 1-2 snacks daily can help increase calorie intake.
How do you feel about....
ensure, boost, carnation instant breakfast
a homemade smoothie
cereal and milk
cheese and crackers
fruit and yogurt
chocolate milk

Can you share more about your nutrition and weight loss goals???

SP Dietitian Becky

3/20/13 2:16 P

Same thing happened to me over the last 3 months, but now that I've figured it out, I've dropped about 3-4 pounds. When I first realized I was going to have eat more, I didn't know how I was physically going to do it.

So, I found the time of day I was hungriest: morning.

Then I added calories that weren't high in volume so my tummy wouldn't be that much fuller: a smoothie. I simply take some plain shredded wheat cereal, a small sliced frozen banana, and a cup of unsweetened almond milk, blend it up and drink it. It's about 200 extra calories, but it doesn't "fill" me the way carrots/hummus do or the way a bowl of cereal does.

Not enough calories can be just as challenging as restricting calories. It's all about food choices/food combining.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/20/13 2:07 P

You're not alone, and you're right in thinking that not eating enough can sabotage your efforts.

SP has an article for those struggling with this problem:

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/20/13 1:30 P

It certainly can keep you from losing weight.

The thing is, you need to eat regardless of hunger.

Hunger you'll learn. Obviously that signal isn't working right for your body right now, because you don't eat enough. So you can't trust it.

At least shakes don't really fill you up, and it may be easier to down a shake when not hungry than to eat solid foods.

You could also try just increasing servings. Whatever you're eating, eat slightly more of. If you have a half a cup of rice, have a whole cup, or 3/4 of one.

Don't forget about juice and milk - two healthy drink alternatives to water that will hydrate, AND provide lots of calories without filling you up, while giving you a fruit serving and a dairy serving. :)

3/20/13 1:23 P

I had a nutritionist look over my nutrition tracker today, and she said that although I'm eating decently healthy lately, I'm not eating NEARLY enough for how much I work out. I can't seem to eat enough on most days, no matter what I try. She suggested protein shakes as an alternative to up my calories and protein at the same time, but I'm not hungry enough to drink one of those either! I didn't even eat lunch today and sometimes don't even eat what I put into my nutrition tracker. Does anyone else share this problem? I feel like not eating enough is keep me from losing weight.

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