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10/20/12 5:37 A

Sweet Potatoes will benefit you with beta carotene, Vitamin C, folate, manganese and calcium. Sweet potatoes digest slowly and are good for dieters and diabetics alike. Because this little sweetie digests slowly it controls blood sugar and controls hunger pangs. Steamed, baked, as a side dish, great as a snack, homemade sweet potato chips or fries, sweet potato pie, in casseroles, stew....just about anything! 1 med sweet potato about 4 ounces is around 100 calorieswith 24 carbs....No Butter or salt...use cinnamon

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10/19/12 11:21 A

Susan, because milk and butter and cream taste good :) For my regular potatoes though, I use non-fat milk and greek yogurt, and I also cook some garlic cloves in with the potatoes, so when they get mashed in you get a good garlic flavor. Little added calories and the greek yogurt adds protein. For sweet potatoes I just add a little bit of milk, some brown sugar, and a chopped up chipotle pepper with a bit of the adobo sauce. Yum!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/19/12 8:29 A

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,550
10/19/12 12:33 A

why would anyone who has ever eaten a baked sweet potato straight from the peeling ever add milk or butter or cream? i allow they can get a little dry, so i mash with water, no added calories. i do the same with plain potatoes.

GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
10/18/12 8:37 P

When you go to SparkRecipes then click on Recipe Calculator. You enter all the ingredients, enter # of servings & there you have it! If you enter 2 servings & it's 400 calories..........then enter 4, eat less & it's only 200.
Good luck.

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10/18/12 8:23 P

I second Anarie suggestion of a food scale. I bought a nice digital scale at walmart for about 20.00....It was like getting a new toy! I love it. The thing I found when I started using it was I was overestimating calories on things like fruit, veggies, and cheese all the time....which was nice little surprise! Fruits and veggies tend to be a bit tough to measure by size small, med, and large and even in cups...the scale I have measures in grams, ounces and kilograms. I can put my plate on it and it zero's out then I add to it which makes it very easy.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
10/18/12 7:42 P

I would really, really recommend getting a food scale. You can get a perfectly fine digital scale that weighs in ounces and grams for under $20, and it's just about the best investment you can make in your health, because it answers questions like this completely. An ounce is always an ounce, while a cup of cubed sweet potato is much less than a cup of mashed, and your mashed might be 15% more or less than my mashed, depending on how energetic we were in the mashing. And a cup of cereal from the bottom of the box can weigh twice as much (and have twice as many calories) as the first cup off the top of the box. A scale will really make your life much easier and make the whole calorie-counting situation much clearer.

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10/18/12 6:52 P

What I would do is select sweet potato, baked with skin no salt on the food tracker and then select the size small, med or large....A large sweet potatoe is only 162 calories so I am thinking the mashed option is that you are selecting is including butter or milk.

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10/18/12 6:50 P

You should just use the entry in the tracker for "sweet potato, baked" since you're not doing anything to it. That entry shows 1 cup is 180 calories.

Chances are, the entries you're finding in the tracker for "mashed sweet potatoes" include other things (like milk, butter, sour cream, etc) added to the potato. For that sort of thing, it's best to either use the recipe builder, or list sweet potato, then put in separate entries for what you add to it.

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MRSMOM04 Posts: 3
10/18/12 6:35 P

Nothing added to it....just the sweet potato. And I don't have a food scale right now....hoping I can just measure it out cup-wise....

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10/18/12 6:32 P

it depends what you mashed it with...did you use butter or milk? what I normally do is I weigh the potato and then get my calories from that and if I mash it with butter or milk I measure it and count that separately. If you are making a pot of mashed potatoes then you could use the recipe calculator on spark but even that can be a bit tricky to get an exact amount.

MRSMOM04 Posts: 3
10/18/12 6:23 P

Say, in a cup? I looked it up here but the stats seemed a bit cup was 250 cal and 60 carbs. Just double checking....

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