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1/22/12 10:22 A

As others have said, peanut butter is just ground peanuts. it should be a crime for that other stuff (containing added trans-fats an sugar) to even be labelled peanut butter.

1/22/12 9:57 A

So much of the nutritional difference will be related to:
1. the type of butter you are examining, and
2. what specific nutrients you are exploring.

Both can be a part of a healthy diet, both are considered a meat/protein type food, and both contain healthier types of fat.

Checking the USDA food/nutrient database can help give you the numbers you are looking for. Here is the link. Type in peanut butter or cashew butter and select the variety of your choice.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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1/21/12 8:50 P

Yes...the natural stuff is a bit better obviously than processed stuff...Also, I have to stay away from PB of any kinds ,due to my crohns as per my dietician "peanuts grow fungus & can cause GI irritation" I am not allowed to have any peanuts or PB...but I do miss it (even the processed stuff!!!) .If you are allowed to have it , enjoy it!!!!...Chris :)

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1/21/12 4:51 P

There are some differences in the micronutrients, (minerals and vitamins etc). Slightly more protein in peanuts.

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1/21/12 4:29 P

0FITNTRIM7, you are correct. There are plenty of all-natural peanut butters on the market.

There are brands of each that go either way. Check your ingredient list to be sure of what you're getting. :)

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1/21/12 3:45 P

Thank you Chris! You are a true nutrition pro! Do you think the peanut butter you described are the Peter Pan, Jiff, Skippy, brands and not the "Natural Peanut Butter" we can also buy?

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1/21/12 12:44 P

Hello..there is some nutritional differences between the two...:
Cashew butter is an unprocessed food while peanut butter is mixed with salt, hydrogenated vegetable oils, sweeteners, and dextrose.Some types of peanut butter contain chocolate and jelly also. There are high protein content, unsaturated fats, and nutrients in cashew butter. The levels of saturated fats and cholesterol are low. In peanut butter, there are high levels of monounsaturated fats, magnesium, proteins, and vitamins. These are very beneficial to the human body but owing to the high calorie and fat content, it must be consumed as part of balanced diets only or occasionally.Unlike peanut butter, cashew butter can have more ingredients like safflower oil and other creamy texture offering ingredients. The butters from different brands have different ingredients and quantities in varying levels....Kind of a lot of info, but hope it helps..:)

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1/21/12 12:11 P

We bought some cashew butter the other night - extremely expensive, but tasty and a nice option to have in the cupboard. Are there any major nutritional differences between the two?

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