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6/27/12 4:06 P

I found Black Strap Molasses in the baking section of my grocery store.

6/27/12 8:31 A

Three more ideas to have with your breakfast OJ:
most ready to eat cereals are fortified with iron at about 25-100%---so having OJ with cereal will improve the absorption of the iron.

also cooked cereals (oatmeal, cream of wheat) + glass of OJ

make an omlet with chopped spinach and improve the iron in the spinach with your OJ


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6/26/12 9:18 P

Bell Peppers and spinach are on my list and I can cook those!

I don't even know where to look for black molasses at the store, but I will look...

The topic was chosen because Drinking OJ (Drinking calories) is something I don't follow yet because of my ED. They want me to stop drinking coffee & coke for energy and drink calories (milk and juice). OJ is a higher fear food so that's what she chose!

She explained that eating vitamin C will help absorption and I will have more energy. She looked at my labs and my numbers are low (have not improved over time), but i'm not anemic. I get new labs at the start of the Fall semester and I am also going to start exercising this week!

6/26/12 8:44 P

Vitamin C rich foods can help increase the absorption of iron rich foods. Have you been tested, are you anemic--low in your iron stores? I am kind of confused as to why this topic was selected by the counselor??? Can you share more. There are many ways to improve iron stores in the body.
SP Dietitian Becky

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6/26/12 7:55 P

have you thought about having a non-traditional breakfast?

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
6/26/12 7:08 P

The breakfast combination sounds like a good start. Another great source of Vitamin C that we always forget about is red sweet peppers.A red bell pepper has more Vitamin C than an orange. They're handy because they go well with almost any iron source-- stir-fry them with beef, sautee them with spinach, chop them up and have them on top of bean dishes or a salad, serve a scoop of whatever grain or meat casserole in a pepper half, etc. (Green peppers have a lot of C, too.)

As for the blackstrap molasses, try stirring a little into a cup of warm milk. It tastes like something halfway between hot cocoa and cafe au lait.

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6/26/12 6:25 P

While there are many awesome recipes for breakfast on this site, I find that I have to start expanding my view on what is a proper "breakfast" food in order to get the best results and also to be practical. Thus, your 'combo' options can expand. I find myself often having asparagus, spinach, fish, beef and other less traditional breakfast items in the morning.

That said, you might be able to combine any of the following with fruit to meet your needs:


Good luck!

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6/26/12 5:59 P


Yesterday, I had a nutritional counseling session at my the student health services with a new person.

She wants me to make changes because I NEVER eat "Good Iron Sources" with "Vitamin C Sources." (I usually eat one or the other.)

We agreed that for Breakfast, I would eat:

1 serving of Low Acidic Orange Juice and one serving of Malt-O-Meal

What other options combine "good iron sources" with vitamin C?
She gave me a sheet, but nothing sounds like it would make a good combo. LOL

(I don't like tofu, pumpkin seeds, black strap molasses, or prune juice.)

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