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4/5/12 4:33 P

No, actually, having the same weight for a long time would make your range go down, if anything. Because now you need to lose more weight every week to stll reach the same weight goal on the same date.

However, weigh-ins do not affect your nutritional range.

It is only recalculated when you save the weight goals page or the fitness goals page, and is based on all the goals therein.

If you're in doubt, do what I already suggested.

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4/5/12 7:06 A

My tracker totally did this a few days ago as well, it upped my calorie range from 1350-1600 to 1510-1860! That's a high calorie amount, I was shocked!

Maybe it's cos I had to enter the same dam weigh in result for the 6th week in a row emoticon

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/5/12 1:47 A

I assume you just didn't get the spark range figures exactly accurate because you weren't looking at the nutrition page at the same time as constructing your reply, but that Spark has somehow upped your range so that the new minimum is even more than the old maximum. Is that right?

That's quite a jump!

Your range is always calculated from the following variables, so you should go and check these, update and save those pages, and then re-check your range:

1. Your last weigh-in.
2. Your fitness "calories to burn per week" goal (you can manually set this)
3. Your goal weight and date - ie how much you're asking to lose each week.

Perhaps one of these is off somewhat.

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4/4/12 9:30 P

do you mean eat more to lose more?
sheesh. i just got used to 1200 cal.. i'll have to start making up meals like brunch and Lupper.

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4/4/12 9:30 P

you would have had to have gone in manually to change those ranges because the lowest range the program will give you is 1200-1550. and you would have had to manually change to the higher ranges as well because spark set ranges are 350 cals apart. unless you got those last ranges just a little bit off [if they were 1850-2100 for example], in which case those are the actual ranges that spark calculated based on your weightloss and exercise goals and your current size. and when you reset one of those goals the program automatically updated and overrode the manual change to 1200-1400 that you had made previously.

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4/4/12 9:28 P

Did you update your fitness goals? That's usually the first thing that triggers a raise in your allowed calories, because you need to eat more to fuel your weight loss efforts.

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4/4/12 9:15 P

why did my calorie intake increase?
it was 1200-1400
now it is 1880-2100

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