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9/23/13 5:18 P

Here are some examples using an apple as a reference.

1 medium apple (may give a diameter). This assume you are eating the apple, skin, not the core.

1 cup of sliced apples. This is removing the core which is not edible, and cutting the apple into slices and filling the cup.

2 ounces of apple would be the apple with the core removed since it is not edible and then weighing out the portion.

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9/23/13 3:58 P

Apples are tracked that way--not sure about other fruit. Since I prefer to eat those off the core, not sliced, I can't really weigh just the part I'm going to eat (unless, as I mentioned, I weigh it before I eat it, then weigh the core when I'm done, but that's far too much effort for what would only amount to a small difference in calories). I could use the small/medium/large options, but generally, if there's a weight option available in the tracker, I try to use it.

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9/23/13 3:40 P

Which fruits are tracked that way? I eat peaches all the time and the options are slices in cups or whole fruits in sizes small-medium-large. Plums are the same way, as are other stone fruits, I believe.

If you are going to weigh though (?) you do not need to weigh the pit--only weigh what you are going to consume.

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9/23/13 2:04 P

I believe that the tracker means edible parts unless otherwise specified.

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9/23/13 1:52 P

This isn't a huge issue, but I'm wondering.... In the nutrition tracker, if you're going by the weight of a fruit that has an inedible core, pit, or peel, do you include the weight of the inedible part? It seems as though I would have to if I'm just eating it as-is, rather than coring/pitting/slicing it first, right?

I know I could weigh the fruit with the inedible part, eat it, then weigh the core or pit or whatever again and do the math, but I'm curious which way does the tracker assume I'm weighing?

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