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3/5/14 9:04 P


When you say you are having trouble with the community, what sort of trouble are you experiencing? The more information you provide, the better. Also, please let me know what browser you are using and if using another browser makes a difference for you.

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3/5/14 10:54 A

Are you folks both using MS IE ? Internet Explorer ? if so, try using a different browser like
Firefox or Chrome. I use IE at work and have a lot of different problems using Spark People. I don't have these problems at home where I'm using Firefox.

Have either of you tried rebooting your computers ? Try turning your computer off/on, that has been known to clear up issues too.

Also, make sure your adobe flash software is up to date.

3/4/14 9:14 P

Now I'm having trouble with the Community. I disabled everything and it has helped but it still has problems. Could you help me. Cleared my cookies also.

AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
1/9/14 8:45 P


Can you tell me what browser and version you are using and also if you have the same issue in another browser? You may also want to try temporarily disabling any extensions or add-ons you have installed in your browser to see if one of those may be interfering.

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1/9/14 6:25 P

When I pull up see nutrrition info it is blank. I can't get the calories, fats, carbs etc. It's under nutrition page. When you search for a food it is under the serving size. Please help. I use it all the time. Really frustrated. I don't know how to get it corrected. Has been that way since around noon. Maybe it is just something that will be fixed but I would love to know what is going on.

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