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KATRINA023 Posts: 38
4/4/13 10:57 A

I'm new to SP and have successfully tracked for almost 3 weeks now. I was struggling with the calories burned/caloric range and thank all of you for your posts. I think it is starting to make sense now. I'll need to use the link to reevaluate my calories burned as I am consistently over my original goal now.

Thank you all for taking time to answer our questions. (even though I didn't actually ask one :) )

MS_LEESA_G Posts: 29
3/31/13 7:38 P

PS @ DIETITIANBECKY -- I followed your advice and entered my average exercise cal weekly total - then the nutrition tracker "upped" my daily calorie allowance, thank you!

MS_LEESA_G Posts: 29
3/31/13 7:33 P

Thank you all for the info - Lovemouse82 - I found your reply particularly informative.
Cheers :)

3/31/13 6:21 P

LOVEMOUSE82, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is hungry on "rest days." Yesterday, I was absolutely STARVING, and I couldn't figure out why. Today I'm struggling to eat enough calories!

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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3/31/13 5:58 P

It sounds like you are used to using something like "my fitness pal" which adds calories you can eat depending on how much exercise you put in every day.

The problem with this way of calculating, however, is that your body doesn't necessarily use the same nutrients and calories that it eats on any given day. A lot of the time, you will be running on energy from calories the previous day....this is especially true if you are a morning exercise person. So allowing yourself to eat more on one day just because you exercised more on that day actually doesn't work the way you might think. You have a given range based on your exercise and weight can choose to remain on the upper end of that range on days you are hungrier and on the lower end on days you aren't so hungry, but as long as you are within that range, you should be fine.

I often find that I am actually hungrier on my rest days....dragonchilde explained that this is because your body is rebuilding and repairing from whatever tough exercise I've done the day before, which requires more energy. So again, adding a certain amount of calories depending on exercise each day is not going to make sense, because that is actually not how your body works.

3/31/13 5:43 P

The link provided in the previous post does explain how our calorie caluclations are determined here at Sparkpeople. To make sure that your program is accurate, be sure to update your calories burned weekly (an estimate is fine). This info will then be used to determine your weight loss calorie range.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

NIRERIN Posts: 14,296
3/31/13 5:38 P

the calorie minimums are for nutrients so that you get enough of them. running four miles [or swimming or any exercise really] doesn't cancel out that so your ranges don't change.

this is how your ranges are calculated. basically the number you entered as your calories burned goal is divided by 7 and that 1/7 is added to your bmr and daily activities before your deficit is subtracted out. so your workouts have already been included to get your ranges. if you're changing your calories burned by more than 70 cals per week [and do pay attention that the burn number at the end of the week is about what your goal is, the minutes don't really matter so much] and your ranges aren't going up by 10 cals what that means is that you have set an overly aggressive goal [in other words it is mathematically impossible to get the nutrients your body needs and still have enough left over to create a large enough deficit that translates to the loss you input] and the program plopped you in the lowest range. when that happens, you have to hit well into the five digits to change your range. figure your loss per week goal should be 1% of your bodyweight or half of that if you are very active or within about 40lbs of your goal.

MS_LEESA_G Posts: 29
3/31/13 5:23 P

Anyone know why the Nutrition Tracker doesn't "subtract" the calories you've burnt off through exercise?
For example, if you are supposed to eat up to 1500 cals per day, and you burn off 500 through exercise, shouldn't the nutrition tracker "up" the amount of cals you are allowed that day to a total of 2000?
Additionally, I'm burning *way* more cals through exercise than I originally thought I would, I keep getting a mssg on the website telling me to adjust my fitness tracker to reflect this as I "may not be eating enough calories". I have adjusted it, but the daily total for how many calories I should eat stays the same.
Thank you.

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