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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
11/10/12 1:42 P

I think Anne might have meant that while the food choices in them aren't appealing, the amounts in them help her to use the right amounts when making her own foods, hence needing the meal plans on to stay on track even without using them.

However, yeah, it's completely impossible to be seasonal. I'm kind of surprised it's not actually, since virtually everything on the site is Americo-centric and ignores the rest of the world anyway. But even within American you have, as you pointed out, different growing regions. Their suggested meal plans just aren't complex enough to take geographic location into consideration. Heck - they don't even have non-dairy as an option yet and that's a pretty basic need.

Sorry, but if you make statements like non-fat milk has "no serious nutrients" then I don't think you want to learn and grow and get real help. You're just after validation of what you already believe. Non-fat milk is highly nutritious and the only reason you find it tastes poor is because you're used to the extreme fat in regular milk.

If you gave it a shot for a month or two you'd prefer it.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,682
11/10/12 12:57 P

"I wish meals were more focused on seasons, what foods are available in particular regions and what people really eat."

How can they possibly do this when there are members from both hemispheres and dozens upon dozens of growing regions?

I just turn it off.

Why do you have trouble staying on track if you turn off the meal plans, since you don't seem to use the meal plans anyway (at least that's what I got from the "turn your stomach" comment...)?

ANNE1123 Posts: 2,218
11/10/12 12:39 P

Have any of the SP Nutrition Tracker provided meal plans or recipes ever turned your stomach? I keep the provided plans to make me conscious of portion sizes, calorie counts and sodium. If I turned off the provided meals and just put in my own meals I wouldn't stay on track. But some of the ingredients turn me off from food. Non fat milk (what's the point? no taste, and no serious nutrients), Kraft Dressing~really??, and others that are just odd. I really hope in the future SP can be more detailed in helping members log food when setting up a meal plans. I wish meals were more focused on seasons, what foods are available in particular regions and what people really eat. I am blown away by how many cereal options I'm supposed to have in a week. How do others feel? Again, I know I can turn off the meal plans so it's okay to ignore this post if that's all you want to remind me to do.

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