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ANARIE Posts: 13,192
9/3/13 8:51 P

Dairy products (especially ice cream) and baked goods are the most likely to vary from region to region, because they don't hold up to shipping all over the country. The company contracts with numerous different local suppliers. Believe it or not, one reason dairy is different is because of different breeds of cow. Some, like Jerseys, give milk that's higher in fat. That means that even a non-fat product will be different because they have to use a larger volume of milk to get X amount of fat free. What the cows are eating makes a little bit of difference as well. Add in the fact that they use different types of equipment to make the products, and it can vary quite a bit.

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9/3/13 4:32 P

Actually, items sold in different states can be different even though they are marketed as the same product. I'm not sure why, but it could have something to do with regional preferences. In addition, some of the entries could be old and some could be newer, and companies often change or tweak their recipes over the years causing the nutrition information to change.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
9/3/13 2:44 P

The other thing I would point out (besides the member entries being incorrect), is that often times the entries only say "serving", which can be different based on packing.

I always enter my own, I find that in the long term it is much easier this way and if there is a mistake, I can only hold myself responsible.

PASTAFARIAN Posts: 2,211
9/3/13 1:25 P

I always add the calories ("Chobani Yogurt Plain 100c") to the name so that I don't have to click the extra button to verify the nutrition info.

CAH-RD Posts: 1,083
9/2/13 10:16 A

I always use the container and enter my own as well unless it's a rare thing that I'm eating and likely won't eat again (doesn't matter that much in the scheme of things) or I'm rushed.

Also keep in mind that companies change their ingredients and proportions of ingredients all the time. This will change the nutrition info. I have several items that I've entered over the past numerous years which I KNOW are (were) accurate. I go back to double check and they're off by a bit now. Products change.

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9/2/13 8:45 A

I always use the container of whatever I have. With fresh fruits and veggies, measure them, and then enter them yourself an account for whatever way you prepare them (steamed, add salt, whatever.)

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
9/2/13 7:30 A

actually products can have different information just because they are sold in a different state. and that's without taking into account that sparkpeople live all over the world.
manufacturers will use different recipes for the same product [plain oreos seem to have a vegan version and a nonvegan version out there at the same time] because of availability and price. which in turn can lead to slightly different nutrition info. plus there isn't really an effective way to purge old entries, so that if the manufacturer reformulates the recipe with different nutrition info, both will stay in there.
and don't go by the internet, go by the container in front of you. that's the best guide to what you're actually getting. for things that don't have containers [apples, cabbage, etc], spark uses usda info, which is as accurate as you're going to get without testing half of what you eat.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,265)
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9/2/13 4:56 A

Mankind is notorious for copying things incorrectly. I never use member-generated nutritional info. because of this. There are far too many mistakes. Instead I rely solely on the site's data OR enter my own from the various packets, and have even been know to contact the manufacturers if their info hasn't been specific enough for me.


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9/2/13 12:43 A

try to only use spark ones, not people entered. You dont know if they are adding/removing calories based on how they are eating the item. Add it in yourself from the container.

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9/1/13 11:07 P

Why is the Nutrition Info different for the same item in the food search? Several people will load the same item, however, the calories, sodium, protein, etc are completely different? In example, Chobani yogurt, entered by several people all have different food information. The mfg of the product most certainly does not have different nutrition info, just because it is sold in another state.

I find the nutrition search very frustrating in SP. I've had to go to other search engines to locate the nutrition information.

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