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6/13/14 10:10 P

Good Calories Bad Calories
Know Your Fats
Nourishing Traditions
Death By Food Pyramid
Food Politics

many others I can't remember titles for at the moment
I'll check my library

6/13/14 2:44 P

Feeding the Hungry Heart by Geneen Roth

SARIC3 Posts: 3,819
6/13/14 2:04 P

The Big Fat Surprise & Death by Food Pyramid

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6/13/14 8:56 A

I'm reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and it is AWESOME. HIGHLY recommended.

I am also a fan of Dr. Andrew Weil; "8 weeks to optimum health" for example.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
6/13/14 8:20 A

"Ultra Metabolism by "Mark Hyman
Can order it online at Walmart...Paperback around $10.00

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6/12/14 12:10 P

I enjoyed Food & Mood by Elizabeth Somer.

It has chapters on how nutrition affects and is affected by sleep, stress, compulsive overeating, cravings, SAD and PMS, and a whole bunch of other related topics.

It's an older book now, almost 20 years, and the information might not reflect the latest research on nutrition.

Edit: Somer has M.A. and R.D. after her name. I assumed she was a registered dietitian, though on her website she calls herself a "nutritionist". Not sure what that even is...

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6/12/14 10:58 A

I have just read "Snack Girl to the Rescue," by Lisa Cain, who has a Ph.D. In biology. Her advice is scientific but also funny and realistic. She lays out a very doable way to eat healthy, satisfying food and lose weight. I highly recommend it.

1/13/14 7:17 P

For a general nutrition book for the consumer, I suggest:

This is not a diet book, cookbook, etc. This book covers many topics of general food and nutrition in consumer language.


1/13/14 3:02 P

i'm looking for some good books to read, any suugestions are greatly appreciated!

What books about nutrition have you found the most helpful? Which books helped you improve your relationship with food?

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