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1/6/14 3:19 A

I think Nutrisystem and other meal delivery programs are a great concept; they take the wheel and allow the busy person to focus on other things. I think, when possible, fresh is best.

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1/6/14 12:57 A

I got the nutrisystem 5 day starter kit. It really helped me drop off a few pounds quickly and still maintain good nutrition. It was actually hard eating the large amount of food that you add to the 5 day program.

9/4/13 12:44 P


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9/1/13 6:37 P

Thanks Becky. That is great to know.

9/1/13 3:05 P

Those meal replacements can work very well in helping to control portions and food decisions. Along the way, continue to build your list of low-calorie recipes for meal preparation and low-calorie food selections for eating out.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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9/1/13 12:01 P

I am meshing Nutrisystem together with Weight Watchers and have been having good success. The entree's are pretty easy to calculate with WW's points.

Of course, any diet works as long as you stick with it. Basically it all boils down to exercise and eating healthy.

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