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I haven't heard anything about technical problems with the tracker, and mine was working just now when I checked it. Those numbers will be filled in for you with some nutrients that either have set recommended daily amounts (like certain vitamins and minerals), or where the number is based on a percentage of your total calorie range (like grams of fat, protein, carbs). If there aren't set amounts or ranges for the particular nutrient you're adding, you'll need to fill in your own values. There are some reference articles in the Nutrition Resource Center that have info about recommended ranges for many nutrients, so you might be able to find the info you're looking for there.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

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I just tried to add a couple of nutrients to my tracker. In the section that says "We recommend you get between ___ and ___ grams" it was expecting me to put in the numbers. I seem to remember that Spark used to fill those numbers in with a recommendation. I don't know how much is an appropriate amount! I want Spark to provide guidance on that.

Am I remembering it wrong or was it always like this? Is it broken right now? And if so, when will it be fixed?

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