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12/15/12 6:59 P

Welcome to SP. Hang tough and take no wooden nickels!!

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12/15/12 3:31 P

Thank you, Chaotic_Beauii! I've seen your sparkle-spreading on other posts, and find it wonderful. I'll take your advise.

:) Gail

12/15/12 2:23 P

´¨) Welcome to SparkPeople!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ Spreading some sparkle
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We are here for you! I suggest you log in everyday, use the tools and Enjoy this loving community!
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ *
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`♥Chaotic_Beautii

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12/15/12 12:38 P

Thank you for the welcome and for the redirect, STHAX10! I appreciate both very much.


STHAX10 Posts: 3,072
12/15/12 12:24 P

Welcome to the message boards!!! I hope that we as a group can help you, in some way, to meet your goals!!! Never give up!!!

“I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.”
~Walt Disney

This is for the Diet and Nutrition board, you can ask there...

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12/15/12 12:12 P

Thank you for the welcome, Cookie!

Do you have any insight into the % versus amount vitamin question?

:) Gail

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
12/15/12 10:55 A

Welcome aboard!


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12/15/12 9:51 A

Hi, Everyone -
This is my first post...anywhere...and I'm not sure whether this is the place to do this or not. I've been reading, but haven't ever posted. I'm a relatively new member, just one month on SP, and I just love what I'm learning and how I'm feeling.

I'm a little confused about nutrient amounts, and I hope this question is appropriate here. In adding additional vitamins (D and some others) to track, the pop-up gives me the amounts to target in % - e.g. 110 to 150%. When I click the "more info" tab, I'm told in mcg. or mg what amount suits my age and sex. If I leave the % as it is, and then go to my nutrition tracker, it seems that the tracker is recording %s as mcgs. If I input the mcg and mg amounts, then the numbers are TREMENDOUS, and that doesn't seem right, either. At this point, I'm not quite sure what I'm tracking, and therefore don't know whether I'm getting the right amounts.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!


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