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4/5/13 10:23 P

I ate like crazy, didn't gain a pound. Lol well, maybe 5 towards the end.
After 1 year of exclusive breastfeeding, we weaned her and i was back to normal.

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4/3/13 1:04 A

I was always hungry while nursing. I didn't deny myself food. My body was burning those calories producing that milk. Don't worry... what you are eating sounds so good, don't worry about the calories. You will need them while nursing your sweet one. Besides, your body burns tons of calories due to milk production.

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4/2/13 12:51 A

I have EBF three kids with great success.And used to be employed thru our local WIC as a breastfeeding on-call consultant. You need to eat. your baby is taking anywhere from 500-1200 cals from you EACH TIME YOU NURSE. Nursing is NOT a time to diet at all. Eating healthier is good but you not only need the cals to keep milk production up but energy for yourself. My midwife actually told me to up the carbs for energy and milk supply along with protein. Also vigorous excersise can actually change the taste of your milk or dry it up. It needs to be very gradual and if you notice a change in milk or baby your should stop or slow down. Also up the water as much as you can handle. Good rule of thumb is a glass of water each time you nurse. keep a bottle of water at bedside for night time feeding. If you have baby weight to lose think about how many cal you need, avg woman about 1200-1500 and up it by about 500/day, add the water and you should see lbs melt with just nursing. Also as far as sleep goes studies have shown nursing mother may not sleep as many hours as formula feeding moms but the chemical release your body produces during nursing allow for a much deeper sleep, (rem cycle) which in turn leaves you more rested vs a a non-nursing mom. Just keep it as healthy as you possibly can, ie:fruits veggies rice whole wheat bread ect...and you should see results slowly. Its the sacrifices us mamma make for our babies. I was very blessed with my first two kids. The lbs melted away with in the first 6 mths but with my third child NOT SO MUCH UGH....i did lose alot but i let it go to my head and ate garbage foods and now im trying to lose it...good luck

3/27/13 5:36 P

I recently weaned my son after 2 years of nursing. I will start by saying that I was back at pre-pregnancy weight when he turned 1 year old and I think this was partly to do with nursing. (But I also eventually started exercising a lot and watching what I ate -- see below). So that being said.... :)

This is what I noticed in terms of hunger: In the beginning months (at least the first 5 to 6) I was hungry all the time. I think this was due:
1. Your body and mind are used to the extra calories it was getting when you were pregnant
2. You need extra calories to produce milk - I heard an estimate of about 500 a day.
3. You may not be getting great nighttime sleep (especially as an exclusive nurser) -- your body often responds to fatigue by asking for more food for energy.
4. Hormones keep doing crazy thing for a good 6 months post-pregnancy in my opinion and this affects hunger.

I think with a tiny 4-month-old baby it is normal to be hungry when nursing around the clock! I think this constant hunger does diminish as time goes on even if you continue nursing just as often. The change for me came around 6 months when my baby started eating food (even though he was still nursing just as often if not more) and then when I started getting more sleep at night around 7 months I was finally able to actually reduce my calories to increase the rate of weight-loss.

My recommendation is to try and increase your protein, fat, and fiber consumption (while keeping total calories the same). So string cheese with a piece of fruit is a great snack. Apple with almond butter, FF greek yogurt with fruit, a big salad with goat cheese rounds and olive oil, etc. Cheese and cracker. You get the idea I am sure. Added bonus is that protein helps ward off post-partum depression. But these are all healthy, nutritious foods that you will also pass onto your baby :)

If you are currently trying to lose baby weight, I would track calories at a maintenance level and then add exercise. Let me know if you have any other questions! I feel so strongly about nursing (if that's what a woman chooses) and being a mom and also taking care of ourselves at the same time. Hope this helps!

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3/27/13 12:32 A

So I have a 4 month old little girl that I am exclusively breastfeeding (except when I don't produce enough milk and I have to supplement, that's a whole other story) and I am always HUNGRY! There is no point in watching what I eat because my subconscious kicks in and I head straight for the pantry. Given the things I am choosing aren't too bad. For example, I crave salt free cashews, grilled catfish, light cherry ogurt with a mandarin and 4 strawberrys mixed in (really is fabulous, I have once or twice a day). My lac nurse jokingly asked if I was pregnant lol (I hope not). Then of course I started to freak out at that point lol. But, I am just wondering if this is normal to ALWAYS be hungry while nursing? Thank you in advance for reading.

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