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10/10/11 4:39 P

This would also work. Thanks!

PS I only eat one at a time. ;)

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10/8/11 11:26 P


Most people will not consume just one almond per serving. Do you standard serving size in mind? Say 10 almonds?

That being said, if you take a standard serving say 10 almonds per serving, that would yield 38 servings.

Does that help?

Coach Nancy

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10/8/11 11:14 P


I am creating a recipe for cocoa covered almonds. There are approximately 384 almonds in 16 oz of almonds... so 7 calories a piece in my recipe.

But I cannot save the recipe because the number of servings field is limited to 255. Any way for you to remove the limit all together or perhaps bump it up?

Thank you, Carolyn

PS I am really enjoying the recipe calculator. It has helped me extensively as a home cook in saving calories. Thanks for creating and supporting it!

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