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SELHORST19 SparkPoints: (47,021)
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10/18/13 8:15 A

High-sugar foods make me sleepy. If I stick to lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit, I usually feel my best.

MISSLISA1973 Posts: 2,665
10/16/13 12:37 A

Processed foods make me sleepy, but I have not been able to give them up yet. I can only focus on so many things at one time...!

MARGOMCP Posts: 8,670
10/15/13 9:06 A

I'm playing the watch the food game too; only I sneeze all the time (think it is types of fake sugar; you'd think the allergy medicine would be ashamed making me sneeze? :-)

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,640
4/16/13 8:24 P

Becoming more aware and in tune with our bodies and our inner voice can do a WHOLE lot toward making (or more accurately, LETTING) be healthier.

MISSLISA1973 Posts: 2,665
4/16/13 6:52 P

I'll have to check out his YouTube videos. Sounds interesting!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,117
4/16/13 12:46 P

Keeping track to know what makes you feel tired and sleepy is smart.

I'm reading Richard Bernstein MD "The Diabetes Solution" and I've learned so much about Insulin Resistance. He says all obese people have it. He has lectures on Youtube that are very interesting. He has a chapter in the book on PCOS, which he says most obese young women have so their hormones are off. He recommends taking Metformin to help with Insulin Resistance and weight loss.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,640
4/14/13 7:36 P

I was checked and they found I did NOT have gluten sensitivity but that I DO have inflammatory bowel syndrome and that the unhealthy choices, especially processed foods, white breads, pastas, and sugars tended to increase the inflammation. I can tolerate small doses but I do MUCH better when I avoid them for the most part.

4/14/13 2:40 P

noticing those little things led to learning I had a gluten sensitivity. I wish I could tell you that stopping gluten gave me a big weight loss, it did not. what it did give me was the past three years of really good sleep (used to not be able to get fully asleep or for very long), more even moods, more energy and I don't get that sleepy feeling after eating any longer. Good to hear you are so intune with how this is affecting your body--- I think that is where the healing journey truly starts. emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,640
8/18/12 3:26 A

For me, eating fresh fruits, veggies, and lean proteins all make me feel energized. When I eat those foods you described - processed, white sugars, white flours, etc. I feel sluggish and without even consciously thinking about it, I also feel disappointed in myself and THAT really drains me. I really have found that when I ACTIVELY notice and pay attention to what my body is telling me, I feel better and make better choices. Even when I am eating poorly (not such great portion control, too many calories, etc., I try to avoid processed foods most of the time. NO FOOD IS BAD - BUT some are definitely healthier choices. I tend to shop around the edges of the store - dairy, produce, and meat/poultry/fish sections. I almost never buy canned or packaged goods but try to stick to the foods that are more natural.

MISSLISA1973 Posts: 2,665
8/13/12 5:51 P

I just ate dinner. Toaster waffles, fresh from the Farmers Market whipped honey, and eggs. I wasn't feeling sleepy before I ate, but now I'm ready for a nap. Oh, and I had a half cup of ice cream while deciding what to eat for dinner.

This made me realize that just a couple days ago, my husband made salisbury steak (from the frozen foods section) and mashed potatoes (from a box) and after I ate that, I was extremely tired.

The first time I noticed this tired feeling was after eating at Hardee's. I was energized and ready to go, then I ate dinner at Hardee's and had to come home and go to bed because I was so exhausted. We've eaten there since then and I had the Eat This, Not That turker burger. I was fine after that meal.

So now I am going to try to start paying attention to what different foods do to me. Is it high carbs or high processing (or both) that makes me sleepy? Is there anything that makes me feel energized? I know I didn't sleep well last night; does that increase the sleepiness effect of certain foods for me? I am going to see what I can find out by keeping record in the "Notes" section of my Nutrition Tracker. Wish me luck! emoticon

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