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7/15/12 11:02 P

You are already doing sooo good. And what you said in the message is exactly the point I was trying to make. I am just going to keep doing this ONE day at a time. Keep up the amazing job.

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7/15/12 8:14 P

I can completely understand!!! I didn't have my first child until I was 30 and even after her I went back down to a below goal weight. I have now had my third child and I'm 42....losing weight at this age is hard enough, but after a child it's doubly as difficult!!! Not to mention, my mind can't wrap itself around food limitations, it's like my brain still thinks I'm thin....then I look in the mirror. I'm commited too though...Good luck to you, I'm along for the same ride. emoticon

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7/15/12 6:05 P

Hi: The best thing is if you make the promise to lose weight; you can do it. The only thing that you have to maintain the weight. Try to eat healthy food and not too many calories. emoticon Your aunt have reason: while you get older; the lose of weight is harder. emoticon

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7/15/12 5:42 P

It's harder that's what it's like to be older and try to lose the weight! There are few things going against us "Senior" gals! But, it CAN be done with patience and belief in ourselves...yes, it does work but it's also not going to be a miracle and stay off once we hit goal's for good....not just for a while!

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7/15/12 5:40 P

emoticon BLEUFISH and emoticon to SparkPeople...Nice to have you with us on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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7/15/12 3:42 P


I get what you are saying about not wanting to wait until it's too late. If it's hard now whilst we are in the prime of our lives, what's it going to be like when we are getting older? Lol.

Good luck.


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7/15/12 3:16 P

^ I am not one of those people that say, "I've tried everything and nothing works", for me, that isn't true at all. I have tried a few diet fads and they absolutely have worked each time. I have excersized and lost weight, I have ate right and lost weight - so for me it has all worked. my problem is once I see some signicant results (or get told "you look great" or "you're losing weight, you look skinnier") my mind tells me Yay I'm done, and I go right back to eating burgers again. or stop excersizing. But not this time. I am going to follow through and take better care of myself now and for the rest of my life. I was talking to my aunt the other day who is nearing 60 years old and she said "You don't want to be my age out of shape because it will be WAY harder to get into a routine or move joints and muscles and stuff" and for some reason it clicked. Shes right, I don't want to be starting all this at 60, it's MUCH harder to lose weight then and I want my bones and muscles to be in great shape by then. So here goes nothing, I CAN DO THIS.

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