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7/17/11 8:22 A

Red is indeed very bold, I had seen that as well. Bride was in cranberry red with a white "belt", I can't think of the word right; and the bridesmaids were wearing white dresses with a red "belt.

7/17/11 12:58 A

My MOH is getting married next spring in a gorgeous and very bold red dress. Mine is champagne with a beaded white lace overlay. I love the one you chose! I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful!

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7/16/11 9:55 P

There's a good possibility that mine will be some shade of burgundy...

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7/15/11 9:53 A

Hi! I don't know about being the only bride in the States of not having a traditional white dress, but I know in Canada, there's a few that didn't including myself (soon-to-be). My dress is going to be brown.

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7/14/11 11:34 A

I was thinking about not having a traditional white dress

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7/14/11 10:55 A


7/14/11 10:14 A

@Boxergirl73, I flipping love that dress.

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7/14/11 6:37 A

Starlet, that is a gorgeous dress. I am having a deep 2-tone violet ballgown for my wedding in october. Don't go with the norm, go with what feels right for you. :)

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,566
7/8/11 9:49 P

Starlet, your gown is beautiful.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
7/8/11 12:12 P

The first dress I tried on and loved was a wine colored dress and I thought I was going to wear that to my wedding; I ended up finding an ivory colored dress I loved, but I think brides should wear whatever they want. If you find a dress that's not white that you love or is more comfortable, You Go Girl!! :-D

BOXERGIRL73 Posts: 6
7/8/11 8:50 A

Thanks! It is my second marriage, and we are getting married on the beach in Mexico, so everything about us is non-traditional. I figured the dress was a bonus! :) Don't worry about your family. They'll deal or they won't. Either way, it isn't your concern!!

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7/8/11 8:17 A

Thank You! Ohh...your dress is SO pretty!!! When I first started looking for wedding dresses, I was looking into dresses that were both colorful and white but when I ran across the one I showed you I knew that was for me. I glad to see I'm not the only one who wants some color :). I was starting to wonder after watching that show "Say Yes to the Dress" and all i see is white, ivory, and champagne...which still all look white to me and the only color they show is sometimes as a little accent. My parents were actually not surprised when I showed them the dress. I'm still wondering how the rest of my traditional family will take it. Lol.

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7/8/11 8:15 A

today brides pretty much wear whatever they feel beautiful in! There is a great website you might want to check out. None of those brides are traditional!

BOXERGIRL73 Posts: 6
7/8/11 7:51 A

I love that dress! I am not wearing all white either. My dress is ivory and puple (eggplant-on the color tab, 3rd row, 4th one to the right if you want to see the color). Congrats on the wedding!

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7/7/11 10:22 P

"I was wondering if I am the only bride to USA...that is not going to have a white wedding dress."

My daughter's gown was gold in 2007, so color is nothing new.
Most of the wedding I have attended over the past few years had the bride in something other than plain pure white.

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7/7/11 7:39 P

I was wondering if I am the only bride to USA...that is not going to have a white wedding dress. I noticed in the UK colorful wedding gowns are quite popular. Not so much here. This is the gown I would like to wear at my wedding...what do you think?

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