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be careful and stay positive. have you spoke to your dr?

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I am a 56 yr old post menapausal women.I was the chubby child-that became an obese women.But at 22 I was 205 and LOST 75 POUNDS.How well its complicated: I did take diet pills back then,I also completly changed the quality and quantity of my diet. I also became Hyperthyoid. To this day I am unsure if the diet pills made me hyperthyoid..or if I was obese since a child because I had always had a thyroid issue! I from age 23-50..still struggled but within reason..hanging out at a healty 140 lds. I take thyroid meds to regulate..Then I hit 50..AND DIAGNOSED hypothyroid..went thru mentapause...and love to dine and drink out with friends...Did I mention I hate to exersize! So now Im back up to 183 . I dont eat badly..lots of vegtables...protien low carbs gave up wine..So I need your support and advise,,,I just want to get under 150! Heres the issue Ive been cosidering get gastric sleeve I decided to try a full liquid protien diet for a week..just like i was doing a preop diet...4 protien shakes a day..23 grams of protien each 120 calories 4 gr of carbs...tons of water and diet jello ice pops and tea...64 oz of water....guess what i did not loose an now im thinking getting the surgery may not work...opinions please...
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