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3/7/13 9:38 A

Need motivation to exercise. Everytime I start something gets in the way. First, my foot. that is now healed after surgery. Now the arm/shoulder - thought it was rotator tear, but is inflammation. Much pain. Don't like taking medication so I'm hurting. Please give pointers on how to start and keep exercising.

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3/7/13 9:30 A

So far, both posters have hit the nail on the head.

I used to say "diet" and always think that I had to eat a certain way, then I could eat the way I did before. But that isn't okay. If you go back to eating the way you did before, you will end up looking like you did before. It has to be a change. Sure, when you are maintaining a weight loss, you can incorporate a little more things from time to time, but really, you have to decide to change.

If you want to be healthy, start adding more fruits and veggies to your eating habits, your daily diet. Instead of cereal for breakfast, have a bowl of fruit. Instead of a baked potato, sub carrots or corn or green beans. (I'm not saying potatoes are bad, they are great, but it is the stuff that you add, butter, cheese, sour cream that is terrible.)

By adding natural foods and subtracting some processed foods, you will start to feel better, and lose some weight.

Track what you eat here. Or another weight tracking site. It HELPS. You see what you eat, and what you need.

It will take time. None of us come to this website because we were eating right. You will still want the junk food. The best way is to do it gradually. The more you eat healthy foods, the more you will want to eat healthy foods.

Me? I used to eat a lot of processed foods that were disguised as "healthy" (various meal bars, etc) and now that I have started eating more fruits and veggies for every meal, I can not believe how fantastic I feel. I have more energy, and I just FEEL better. I know that once I get even more used to eating like this, I will want to continue even after I reach my goal weight. I will probably still indulge from time to time in something not good (birthday cake on occasion, an ice cream treat with the kids) but I will definitely keep portion size and such in mind.

My motivation is this. I have an 21 month old. I have a husband. They make me so happy. I want to see my daughter get married, and have babies. I want to grow old with my husband. I won't be able to with an unhealthy lifestyle. It was time for a change. I want to be fit and fun!

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3/7/13 9:12 A

I fully agree with the PP. Start slow and steady. Slow and steady wins the race. First i would really look at what I am eating. Clean out the junk food. Personally I threw mine out vs giving it away. Why would I want to have someone else eat unhealthy food. If it is not good for me, it certainly isn't good for someone else.

Start incorporating for veggies and fruits into your plan. They are filling and appetizing. Hopefully you are not one of those poor souls who hate veggies. Find some good healthy recipes and go to it. You may be pleasantly surprised that is is not as hard as you may think.

For motivation-- I think of my nieces and nephews. Anything that can give me extra seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years is worth following through on. i love my new year old buddy. He is the light of my life.

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3/6/13 10:47 P

First off, you can't think of it as a diet. Diets imply the change is temporary. It's how you eat on a diet, versus how you eat normally. You need to start thinking of it as a lifestyle change. I know it sounds corny, but it's true. It won't work if it's not sustainable.

Try making little challenges and changes for yourself. Personally, I find it easier to take baby steps than giant leaps. Some simple changes might be to cut out 1 thing (ie soda, or takeaway food). Once you have one thing mastered, incorporate another. It's hard to change everything at once, so baby steps are the way to go.

Also, in terms of exercise, start small and work your way up. 1 hour of walking may not be possible now. Start out with 10 minutes this week. Next week try and increase it to 12 or 15 minutes. In a few months time you'll have worked yourself up to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, maybe even an hour.

I find having a calendar helps me (I need things to be visual). On my calendar, I write my weight (on my weight in days), C for if I did cardio that day, W for if I did weights that day. I even put a happy face or sad face next to the date if I had a good or bad day. Eventually you'll start to see patterns.

Start small, and work your way up. If you do too much to soon (this relates to diet and/or exercise) it will be hard to keep it up.

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3/6/13 10:13 P

I have tried every diet and now my health is effected by my weight. I have fibro and have trouble with exercise. Need motivation

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