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6/25/13 8:22 P

You will !!!!

6/25/13 8:03 P

Thank you so much Holly! Those are some excellent ideas to make changes. I will try them, no I WILL do them. Thanks again and I hope I have success this time.

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6/25/13 7:55 P

It isn't easy. It's WORK. Here's my suggestion--make small changes--for instance, camping. I live to camp!! Here's your small change:take some fruit. Apples, grapes, bananas, straw a, blueberries don't need refrigeration and should last. When you want a snack grab some fruit. Even if you end up with something else too CONSCIOUSLY have some fruit.
4th of July? Have a burger--if you want a dogger too skip the bun. Fill up on tossed salad. Have some baked beans--good high protein and they fill you up. Have watermelon!! Mostly water and YUMMY!!! Make good choices, then if you are still hungry go ahead and have what you want--just have a SMALL portion.
You can do this. OH!! Almost forgot the after work thing--tell yourself you have to do 5 mins of activity before you can crash. 5 mins. Take a short walk--swim--jog in place. Then pat yourself on the back!!! Start small--then add a minute or two a week.
I'm here if you need a cheerleader!!!

6/25/13 7:32 P

There always seems to be something happening that throws a wrench in my diet plans. We are camping this weekend and then next week is the 4th of July holiday picnics. I struggle so. I don't seem to get inspired by the posts of how well others are doing. I do get inspired by the Biggest Loser, but I guess not enough to stay on track.

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6/25/13 7:24 P

I am with you on that, i thought i was the only one... every post i read is how good their doing, it inspires me, but makes me wonder why i am struggling so much with getting motivated! Even though i totally hate my weight, i say tomorrow i will start... i work nights, so i get what u mean..

6/25/13 7:07 P

I am finding it so very hard to get motivated to do anything after I get home from work. I am so tired that I just sit and fall asleep while watching tv. I know that I need to change this along with my diet, but it is not easy and I find a million excuses. It is just so much easier to buy lunch at work than to pack my own.

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