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5/31/13 3:48 P

Oh also, I checked and bodymedia calculates my BMR to be about 1400 calories a day.

5/31/13 3:35 P

You're probably right about the deficit being too high. I am 5'3, 22 years old and I try to exercise for an hour a day. Ive been doing interval training on the treadmill and playing tennis or swimming for 1-2 hours on days I'm not running. The 2175 number includes what I burn daily additionally to my BMR. On a day I don't exercise (but I'm still active) at all it usually says I do about 1800 calories.

It's just so frustrating seeing how it came off much more easily back when I was in the 150s and now it's just staying in this 5 pound range always lol.

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5/31/13 2:24 P

Honestly, I feel like that is far too large a deficit for you to be losing at your weight. If you were much heavier, yeah, a 750 calorie deficit (a pound and a half a week loss) is doable, but you simply don't have enough fat to lose that much that fast. You have about 13 lbs to go, which means you're looking at a 1/4 to 1/2 pounds loss per week goal. And 1/2 pound is going to be pushing it.

You need to shrink that deficit by a lot. I would be going for around 250 calorie deficits per day (leaning towards 250), which would mean eating more, and likely burning less.

I really don't know if I trust their BMR calculations for daily burn, either; how tall are you? How much exercise are you doing?

5/31/13 9:48 A

So over the past two and a half years I've lost about 22 pounds and I'm currently at 133. I've been happy to see that I've maintained this weight but my real goal is to be between 115-120. I am not an unhealthy eater and I started really exercising again about two months ago. I usually eat about 6 small meals a day.

I also just got the BodyMedia Fit Core and have been using their goals for the past week. They say to burn 2125 a day (including BMR) and eating 1375 calories. I have been following this along with Sparkpeople's numbers for carbs, proteins and fats. However, I feel like all of this work is doing nothing! I have not lost any inches whatsoever..not even a little under my current measurements and my weight just fluctuates between 132 and 135. I'm not going to stop but my motivation is way down and I can't figure out the problem. Maybe it just hasn't been long enough for my body to start working.

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