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4/11/13 9:14 P

With the season change are you changing what you eat?

One thing I noticed was that the days you recorded your food, you got 1388 and 1320 calories recorded, but the exercise burned 752 and 226 calories. Other days you burned over 800 calories with hard-core exercise. I wonder if you are overdoing the exercise, because I know that sometimes when I used to do this many years ago, it kinda turned me off food for a while. It left me a bit nauseated. I think I would be inclined to pare back the amount you do and see what happens.


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4/11/13 5:10 P

@Becky. I feel this way every year for a week or two. When it first started a few years ago I did go see my Dr. And I have a clean bill of health. Durring my yearly checkup she always asks about this but has yet to find a medicial reason behind it. Thank you for your concern emoticon

4/11/13 1:07 P

The thought of food making your stomach "hurt" does not sound like a change in appetite due to the change in weather. Yesterday, you took in about 1300 calories and today you have had over 500 already---so you are getting nourishment and staying hydrated.

I would keep an eye on how you are feeling---you may need to see your doctor if you are not feeling back to "normal" soon.

SP Dietitian Becky

4/11/13 12:59 P

I always find it best to listen to the body. If you're not hungry, don't eat. People have fasted for thousands of years and it allows our bodies to "clean house" since it's not busy digesting (which can use up to 50% of all energy!)

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4/11/13 12:54 P

Does anyone else get not hungry when the weather changes? I had to force myself to eat yesterday and did ok. Today the thought of food makes my stomach hurt. I had a yogurt this morning and made a smoothie for lunch.

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