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MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
9/25/13 10:10 P

I drink a protein drink to supplement my protein. It works for me.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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9/19/13 5:52 P

What about adding a greek yogurt to breakfast in place of cereal?

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
9/19/13 1:03 P

You've already recieved some great suggestions, but I did want to mention that you may have to be careful with reading the labels if you choose to go with a protein powder. I have been unable to find one that does not have some form of sweetener in it. I am allergic to all artificial sweeteners, as well as to stevia (which is in the same family as ragweed, so it's likely that you'll react to it if you are allergic to ragweed). If you have any issues at all with sweeteners, then please make sure you check the ingredients carefully!

I enjoy meat with almost every meal, but do get a lot of my protein from dairy and eggs, as well as high-protein grains and vegetables.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
9/19/13 11:05 A

I think Becky Hand gave you all the choices you need. You need to make protein a priority though. The last 2 days, you have to be close to range. I was a bit confused as you went from 1962 calories to 1339. You have your ranges though, so YOU know what your range for protein is.

I eat low carb, and because this is my main focus, I plan my carbs first. So I will add green beans, and peas, or kidney beans onto my menu first, and then I add protein and fat, which is easy, since I love meat. I start with the carbs though, so I have the right amount, and as evenly spaced as I can. You need to start with protein the same way. That way, if you have 10 carb/fat things you want for the day, you may find out after adding 8 of them, that you are out of calories, and can't have them. Then you have to make a decision of cutting some fat or carbs. If you don't have the protein on the tracker, at that point, you might cut a protein, in favor of the carbs, or fat that you really want to eat. You still can cut a protein, but this helps me when it comes to carbs. I know I am at my minimum carbs, and if I hit my calories when planning, I cut a fat or protein. If you have carbs and fat on your tracker, it is a LOT less likely that you will cut one of those ingredients to add a protein, since you aren't that fond of them. So you want to deal with them beforehand, and separately, and think of them as done. That way, in your mind the option of eliminating an ingredient, is between fat and carbs.

I would cut out all of my carbs to eat another 8 ozs. of chicken, but doing this first helps me out a lot.

Also you need to find out ways to eat your protein that you like, or don't dominate a dish. Yogurt, or cottage cheese with some fruit, or meat and veggies stir fries might be more palatable than green beans and a 4 oz hunk of fish by itself. No reason why you can't have 4 ozs of chicken cut into tiny chunks and cooked up with a bit of olive oil, and 3-4 cups of vegetables. Have a little bit at a time, and you will be surprised at how it adds up over the day, without being the centerpiece for one dish. a chili with ground turkey/beef, or a stew with some beef/lamb would work also. 3-4 ozs of meat can be a minor part of a main dish.

With beans, cheese, yogurt,peanut butter, and eggs, you might not need to eat that much meat at all, but you have to sayif you need 60 ozs of protein, that you will eat 20 per meals, and make sure you get that, and then add in the rest.

9/18/13 8:03 P

You should be planning a protein source for every meal.
Ideas: lean meats, chicken, poultry, fish, pork, beef
milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese
nuts, seeds, peanuts (and their butter form)
beans, lentils, legumes
soy, soybeans, soy milk, tofu, etc

If you make your nutrition tracker public, we can get a better idea of what you are currently eating and ways to increase protein. For example: if you are using a pasta with marinara sauce---then add beans and lowfat cheese to the dish.

Let me know if you need the steps to make your tracker public.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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9/18/13 5:37 P

I consider myself a flexitarian, and often go weeks without eating meat. I try not to use protein powders or processed meat substitutes, at least not very often. I found that I had to start mindfully planning protein into my meals, rather than just making a traditional recipe and leaving the meat out, because that usually left me with an unbalanced dish and a nutritional deficiency at the end of the day.

I get a lot of my protein from low-fat dairy, including Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, milk and eggs. Beans/ lentils can replace meat in many soups/casseroles or you can just toss them in a salad/stir fry. Nuts/seeds and nut butters are another good choice. Finally, there are a lot of foods with a couple grams of protein per serving (whole wheat bread/pasta/grains, cereal, some veggies) that add up over the course of the day. I aim to get at least the minimum (60g) and I rarely hit 90g+ unless I eat meat that day.

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9/18/13 5:36 P

I hear you. I have the same problem. I rarely hit my minimum protein level. I start my day with a protein smoothie. I use the EAS Lean 15 and add a variation of bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, cantaloupe, peaches, cottage cheese, or whatever else I have on hand. Breakfast is usually about 300 - 400 calories.

I still end up below the minimum protein level. I am not a vegetarian, but I don't eat a lot of meat.

I am very careful not to exceed my calorie count.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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Posts: 3,780
9/18/13 5:06 P

Do u want to make your tracker public for more pertinent feedback?

AW5682 Posts: 1
9/18/13 4:52 P

Hi -
I drink a protein shake every morning and its so good! Its the chocolate flavor whey protein from GNC. I have one scoop (130 calories, 20 grams of protein) i add one whole banana and a cup of fat free milk (or unsweetened almond milk to save on calories and carbs). Sometimes Ill add a very small amount of natural peanut butter. Its so good, I actually look forward to it! LOL. I drink it on my way to work at about 6:45 am, and I dont get hungry until about 9:30 or 10 am.

9/18/13 4:30 P

I've noticed when i track my food I always have a hard time getting enough protein. There are many days i dont get the minimum amount of protein even though my levels for everything else are within range and i've never ate more than i should even on those days when i exceed my calorie range.

Any suggestions to add more protein? btw i'm not a vegitarian but I dont eat meat daily

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