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10/4/13 11:16 A

I think the advice below is spot-on. Your body will get used to maintaining this weight- it just takes time to switch over to that mode. If you're not hungry, don't stuff yourself either! Also, see if smaller meals through the day work better for you. It's easy to add in a couple hundred calories with healthy snacks in between meals!

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10/4/13 9:59 A

I assume you reached maintenance pretty recently? Congrats on your success in getting there. I felt exactly the same way for a while after reaching goal. I was actually a tiny bit worried for a few weeks that I wouldn't be able to eat enough to maintain at all, since my weight kept decreasing slightly each week despite that I felt stuffed if I tried to eat more than I was.

Your body adjusts, don't worry. I figure it's the same as what happens when calories are first cut, in reverse. Most likely if you keep doing what you're doing and eating healthy food in the right amounts (just a little more of it than while losing), you'll feel normal again after a month or two. My own weight has been perfectly stable now for a couple of months, and I feel fine. (Ignore the last week's weight input if you happen to look at it. I've been sick and subsisting on peanut butter sandwiches for a few days. Down two pounds since two weeks ago as a result. Blergh. But that's temporary.)

Try to resist the temptation to resort to unhealthy foods just to fill out your calorie allotment. There's nothing wrong with going slower in increasing calories if the "right" amount for right now feels like too much. It's the same as with baby steps in losing -- in the long run who cares if you wind up 200 calories a day under maintenance for two weeks, then 100 calories under for the next three, then finally on target after that? If that's what you need for your body to feel comfortable with the increase, then do it. It's preferable to encouraging the resumption of a less than healthy lifestyle just to make up some imaginary number on a web page. Keep your real priorities in mind. I doubt that weighing 126 pounds versus 124 pounds is as important as not going back to 170 pounds, right? Take it easy, be good to yourself, and as I said, your mind and body will adjust over time.

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I suppose the hunger was a signal to me that I was adequately restraining myself with my intake, a first sign of success. Now that I've adjusted my calories for maintenance, I feel I'm eating too much. I often find myself resorting to less healthy options to fill the calories, because they are generally more calories for less volume options, which is becoming another problem altogether.

10/4/13 7:44 A

I think it's a good sign. You liked the feeling of hunger - was it because it was a feeling that you were in control? Or is it because you feel like you need to punish yourself to look good? (I've totally been in both mindsets, unfortunately).

I think its important to be proud of what you've done - great job - and now try to revise how you see food: as a fuel to feed your now healthy body. You will be a better athlete and have a fully functioning body with the correct # of calories.

This is something I struggle with - our relationships with food have all been strained over the years! Good luck :)

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10/4/13 1:51 A

I've been watching and eating within my calorie range since February this year. Most of the time between now and then, I've always felt light and maybe slightly hungry at most times. Now, I've reached my goal and upped my calories a little bit. I'm NEVER hungry anymore. In fact, a lot of times I feel full after eating small meals, and it makes me uncomfortable. I got used to that little bit of hunger always being there--it made me feel like I was eating healthy and light. Oftentimes, I track my calories for the day and am blown away that I've stayed within my designated range. I feel full all the time and it makes me feel like I've likely overate, only to show that I haven't. I don't know if this makes any sense at all, but does anybody else feel this way?

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