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8/20/14 2:19 P

I usually eat a lot of smaller meals. I don't think that snacking in the evening is bad you are still within your ranges. I think the problem with evening snacking is the choices. If it is chips, cookies, and ice cream while watching tv that puts you over your calories that is not a healthy choice.
I think evening snacking can fit into your plan if i is something like veggies and hummus that keeps you within ranges.
If you want to stop eating in the evening, there was a good suggestion about slowly pushing up the time you stop eating. You might want to make sure you are eating enough through out the day so you aren't hungry in the evening.

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8/20/14 1:01 P

As others have said, I just include a post-dinner-pre-bedtime snack in my calories for the day. I love having something--maybe fruit, maybe a couple of squares of dark chocolate, maybe a granola bar. They're not always super-healthy choices, but I make sure to meet my nutritional needs throughout the day.

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8/20/14 12:32 P

We eat dinner at 6 pm. I save dessert as a small snack about 9pm. 11:30 pm bedtime. If we have a later dinner, I can do without a snack or dessert.

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8/19/14 4:08 P

I build my dessert into my day. I have breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and dessert. Every day. And I usually have a salty and a sweet non-diet food snack. (lately a snack pack of oreos and 1 ounce of salt and vinegar potato chips). Sometimes I have popcorn, pudding, froyo, pretzels, etc. But I make sure I have enough calories left every night to have my snacks. :)

8/19/14 10:45 A

I can get peckish after dinner. My solution is to have a nice cup of tea maybe some fruit and then keep myself occupied. Sitting around watching tv is the worst thing that I can do, even reading is more distracting.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
8/19/14 9:59 A

I am another one who, like Nirerin, prefers smaller meals more often, and have no issue whatsoever with eating right up until bed-time. As mentioned, if eating close to sleep is an issue for you (indigestion or heart-burn), then it does have to be taken in to consideration, but there really is no scientific reason to not eat after dinner otherwise.

I think that you have to take in to consideration how your individual body works (when are you most hungry?), your family schedule, and what kind of eating schedule makes you happiest. If you are forcing yourself to eat bigger meals earlier in the day when you are not hungry and trying to make yourself "not eat after dinner" for no particular reason, then I really can't see it being a lasting lifestyle change.

Take a few days to keep an eye on how you are feeling, when you are most hungry, and then decide if you would prefer to make your earlier meals smaller to leave room for a couple of meals / snacks in the evening.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
8/19/14 9:09 A

I have trouble with late eating, too. I think a great part of that is because I worked nights for 20+ years, and it seems the normal thing to do. I'm not especially hungry in the mornings, although I have to have some kind of solid (or semisolid) food to get my meds and supplements down.

I agree with JERF in that brushing my teeth somehow seems to nip the temptation.
If I want something later on, I like tea. Once in a while I'll eat one of those little mini cheese rounds.
If I'm *craving*, however, that's no different based upon the hour of the day than it would be at any other time. If I just -want- something, I have to be stern and tell myself "no". Or I suggest something to myself that's not "snacky", and if it's refused, that's it. Only if I'm really hungry, which is rare, will I eat something not-a-snack after 8 or 9 pm (I don't go to sleep until well after midnight most nights).

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
8/19/14 7:29 A

snacking is one of those things where what it means to you can be key. i firmly believe that if you're eating good, healthy food, it's fine anytime*, whether you call it a snack or a meal. granted, i am a snacker/grazer, so i eat about eight times a day. each meal/snack/eating opportunity is kept to about 200 cals. and that's the key to eating more often: eating a small amount of food each time. if snacking is your natural tendency, then snack. just make sure your snacks aren't more than about 300-400 cals [divide your total calories by the number of snacks you want to have through the day and that's where you should be calorie-wise] and that those snacks are composed of nutrient rich foods. so a snack shouldn't be hohos, it might be a small shepard's pie loaded with vegetables. a snack isn't just chips, but you might have nachos with beans, seasoning, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, salsa and guacamole. fruit and cheese or nut butter is a good snack. vegetable soup or a yogurt parfait with fruit and granola is a good snack. a good snack is something that has a bit of protein, fat and carbs [particularly fiber] and a host of other nutrients in it. a good snack is basically a mini meal. if you can keep the calories down and the nutrients up, snacking is great. i know i'm probably in a minority who can do this, but i do feel the need to throw it out there as an option. if you don't think it's for you, it's fine. but, as others have noted, a lot of people need to save 100-300 cals for an after dinner snack and there isn't anything wrong with saving calories for a later snack.

* if you are someone who can't sleep and digest at the same time, by all means, don't eat a few hours before bed.

8/19/14 3:34 A

My husband and I are trying to work on this too. Actually we are starting by trying to just not eat after 9. We will continue to roll back the time until we get closer to dinner.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,841)
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8/19/14 2:28 A

I ALWAYS eat a snack before going to bed, and have always allowed for this in my eating plan.

I tried to peak at your Nutrition Tracker, but you don't share it. If you use it, and open it for us to see, you will get feedback as it applies to YOU.

Sometimes people don't eat enough during the day.... or they don't eat enough protein...... or they don't eat enough fat....... or they don't eat enough carbs - the ones that take time to digest like wholegrains, rather than sugary or processed things.

It might be that you are skipping a meal earlier in the day. It might be that you aren't eating enough fruit/veges. There are lots of 'might be's'

Good luck with find out what yours are!

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8/18/14 11:31 P

Nothing wrong with snacking.

The issue is what you snack on.

Fruit, veggies, and water would be my recommendations.

Hot water (like cup of coffee hot) is another option. For some reason it calms the hunger down and it's as low-calorie as it gets.

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8/18/14 10:35 P

I brush my teeth. That's my signal for I'm done eating for the day, clean teeth.

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8/18/14 10:25 P

What if you plan for it in advance? Cut up some veggies and make some dip with greek yogurt. Or do fresh fruit and whipped cream if you want sweet. If I do evening snacks, I do apple or carrots with natural PB or air popped popcorn on the stove.

8/18/14 9:11 P

Is SO hard! I'm a major snacker and pretty much all I think about for the rest of the night is snacks! Any tips?? I workout in the morning, so that's not a feasible solution =D

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