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9/21/11 12:22 P

HAHA...I just re-read my post and then my quote...haha...but I still need motivation and help

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9/21/11 11:35 A

I seem to prepare my breakfast, snack, and lunch for work the next day. High Fiber whole wheat sandwich thins, Budding honey ham, and a slice of FF Cheese (215 Cal); Snack usually Lo Fat Yogurt (80 Calories) or Red or Green Pepper slices; Lunch; Salad with low fat dressing try adding strawberrys, onion, almonds, and then I always bring my 74.4 oz bottle of water and have a goal of drinking it before I leave work. Then I try to stay motivated to go to the gym right after work...usually only 3-4 times a week. I do 25-30 on the elliptical and then lift weights in the circuit room for about 15 mins. then tan. Then I get home and open a bottle of wine, drink the whole bottle and then I'm hungry so I binge eat and that usually involves pizza and some type of sugary sweet something. UH...I get so mad when I wake up. No loss in weight and I feel like crap...need motivation and help!!! emoticon

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