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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/13/12 7:24 A

What WatchMeGo said:

What will happen if you give up? Will you feel better? I bet the answer to that is no.

What benefit is it if you don't see this as a lifestyle?
You'll just trap yourself in an endless loop of discouragement, eating, more discouragement, and on and on ...

WATCHMEGO! Posts: 3,913
10/13/12 7:21 A

What will happen if you give up? Will you feel better? I bet the answer to that is no.

I'm struggling right not too but I've given up many times and I know where that lands me....look at my ticker. I've never just NOT given up and kept plugging along. That's what my plan is this time....just don't quit.

I was thinking yesterday about processes. I teach 2nd grade and have absolutely no problem understanding, accepting, and working with the fact that children learn and develop skills through a process. I support, redirect, reteach, etc as they work through their learning. WHY can't I accept and understand that weight loss is the same? I'm learning, I'm making mistakes, I'm practicing. It's a process. I'm patient with my students (and my own child) but not so much with me. I treat myself as though I should always be perfect. That's not particularly conducive to learning.

So, just for today, let's be patient with ourselves as we work though this battle. If not now, when?

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10/13/12 6:59 A

Well, my morning weigh-ins have gone from 135 to 140 to 146. I watch my calories and eat right, I haven't been able to exercise much lately but am trying to get back into the swing of things.

It's not muscle. I'm losing all the definition I had in my face and upper chest and am more comfortable in BIGGER PANTS, so the whole "ignore the scale and focus on the mirror" idea isn't going to be happening. I look awful, and on my frame, every pound shows.

My motivation is pretty much at zero right now and I don't know how to get any of it back because I'm not seeing results, no matter what I sacrifice or how hard I try. In fact, I just keep sliding in the opposite direction in spite of doing all the "right" things.

I guess I need some help before I just give up entirely, because it's come to that point.

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