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1/6/13 12:39 P

I want to thank you for your service to the country as well!

I would also encourage you to find a "buddy" -- especially if you can find one among your fellow soldiers -- someone who will make the physical regimen easier to endure and the eating agenda full of more healthy choices. It is easy to over-eat when you're life is bouncing from the adrenalin hit of a "mission" to the boredom of down-time (when eating poorly can feel like a comfort, even though it is not).

If there is no one nearby who can be your "pal" for encouragement and support, don't forget to seek one here. Maybe you'll even find a buddy who has "been there, done that" as a soldier, and knows personally what you're up against.

Wishing you well and hoping that when your deployment is over, you will be stronger, healthier and leaner than ever!!

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1/6/13 10:40 A

REmember to set reasonable goals for yourself; the closer you get to your goal weight, the slower the weight will come off, and the longer it will take. It's easy to go from 250 to 200... there's a higher percentage of body fat to lose. To go from 200 to 150 is hard!

You can reasonably attempt to lose about 3% of your remaining weight goal per week. For you right now, that's 25 lbs, so you can try to lose .75-1 lb a week. The less you have to go, the slower you will see if come off. When you're down to 10 lbs to go... you can expect to try for .25 to .3 lbs er week!

You may not be able to lose 25 lbs in 7 months; you may, but it will be tough!

If you feel like you're not making progress, consider sharing your trackers, and posting on the diet and fitness boards with details on your program, and let the community help! We've got some pretty good heads around here, and they can help you over any plateau!

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1/6/13 9:15 A


Firstly, thank you for your service. Dieting and healthy living are two different mindsets. Losing weight and integrating life-long healthy habits into your life are not the same thing, however, studies have shown that losing weight is not the same thing as making this s lifestyle. This is why SparkPeople focuses more on making healthy habits a part of your life, versus following a restrictive diet. This is where your fast break goals can be a huge motivator in getting you started. Once you develop those habits into your life, you can add new ones, until you are embracing the habits of healthy living so that you will never have to diet agaon.

Hang in there and be safe!

Coach Nancy

1/6/13 1:48 A

I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. On my last deployment I lost over 50 lbs. For this deployment my goal is to lose 25 lbs. I am currently 180 and I want to be 150. I have approximately 7 months till I go home. It seems that although I am doing the same things I did last year I am not getting any of the same results. I need to change it up. Feeling pretty blah about the whole thing. I just need to make it happen I guess.

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