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12/30/11 9:59 P

My now fiance (we got engaged december 10th) and I chose to buy a house instead of get married (almost 4 years ago)

so yeah, it was a waiting game...but sinnce we've been together for 8 years i kinda knew he was going to propose....:D

those few weeks of thinking he would was stressful! we were going out for dinner 'for my birthday' and i had to buy a fancy dress for the fancy'm not at my ideal weight so that was hard and i had to get "suck it in" underwear......

but i was happy when it happened...and am still happy....we are quickly making decisions (okay i am making decisions) but it's awesome

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12/30/11 11:32 A

I was about 135 when my fiancee and I met, and I'm at about 200 now. I agree with you though... Who says the wedding dress is the only motivation to look good!? I want to look good in engagement photos, and I don't want fat fingers to dwarf a ring! My biggest motivation was spending Christmas with his family and realizing that I'm about twice the size of any of his sisters. I have other reasons to lose weight besides my man, but I want to look beautiful for him whether we get married next year or whether we get married in 5 years. I WANT to be a trophy wife... lol. I like it when my man thinks I'm sexy.

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12/30/11 1:30 A

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years and marriage is defiantly in our future. When we met we were college freshman and I was 135lbs, and last year at my brother's wedding I peaked at 215lbs. It was then I realized that when I do get married I want to start our life together being more healthy. Why wait until you're planning for your wedding to motivate you to lose the weight, I think just the possibility of a wedding in the near future is enough motivation for me!

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12/4/11 11:44 A

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 3 years, he basically moved in right away. He was just crashing at my apartment because it was closer to school at first, but love grew over time.

I was there when he had to go to the emergency room for Chron's disease. I was by his side through his stay, when they thought he was going to need another surgery. I was there when the medical debt was so bad I thought we were going to lose our house.
He was there when I was unemployed. He was there when I was having anxiety attacks over not being able to pay our bills. He was there when I found out my biological mom was suffering brain deterioration.

In such a short span, we've seen a lot of tough times and have come out on the other side even stronger. We're both ready to get married, but we're waiting on finances. Neither of us wants to do a small wedding just because that's all we can afford, we'd rather save up and do something really lovely. We're only 22 and 21, so I think we have a few years to get everything in order. But I really want to get a headstart and start getting in shape again (I was 135 when we met, 175 now). I want him to marry a healthy wife who's proud of her lifestyle, just like the girl he met 3 years ago. :)

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11/26/11 8:12 P

Hi! We did the waiting game for a while. We weren't waiting for anything in particular (finances, etc..) just happy where we were. We had been living together for 5 years and one day it just hit me. I will never forget it because it was 1-11-11 and I was at work writing the date down and thought it looked neat. I thought to myself that 11-11-11 would be cool and checked to see what day of the week it fell on. When I saw that it was a Friday, I thought it was perfect.

I came home and asked him what he thought and he was on board. He officially proposed in March, but that was a matter of finding the right ring. I guess my whole point is even though we always knew we would get married it was more like an aha moment and a sign that the timing is right.

Best of luck to you and I am sure you will know when your aha moment happens.

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10/27/11 12:56 P

Hi! :)

That sounds exciting! :) Anticipation is probably a large portion of excitement before actually getting engaged.
We are already a bit older (and he is over 30), so I think it might be a little bit different than your story. I know my boyfriend was basically ready to get the real deal before he even had a girlfriend. haha I am pretty sure he is now just waiting for the right moment and respecting my wishes...

4 years seems like a long time already though :) It seems also that Americans get engaged a bit earlier than we would probably here in Germany, looking at an average.

What kind of hints is he giving you? :) Are you giving him some? Or are you leaving it all up to him?

Best wishes :)

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10/27/11 12:12 P

Me and my boyfriend are playing the waiting game also! Been dating a little over 4 years and getting impatient. We started dating at 17 and now we're both 21. We know we're getting married in a couple of years but I'm waiting for him to propose! He's giving hints. You're not alone!

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10/4/11 2:51 A

Hi! :) I am also not a bride to be, but my I know that my boyfriend would rather get married yesterday than tomorrow. He was ready to have the "whole" deal from the beginning on (incl. kids) and most of his friends are there already (I am 27 and he 32).
The summer I met him in the US (I just visited, because I am from Germany), was the summer just before I went abroad to study. So since then (4 years) we have a (very) long distance thing.. but we seem to grow closer every day. I spend along other trips always my three month of summer with him and we remodeled the house together already. I have more of my stuff at his house then actually here, where I live for the rest of the 9 month.

He talked a lot about "what I think about marriage and rings (cause those are very different where I come from). But I think he knows that I do not want to marry as long as I am in studying. I also don't want to get married for the visa but the romantic of the partnership, so I would like to wait for the right moment. I see that he would often say more then he does, he is so patient and considerate!

Next summer I am done with the university and also work for a company already... so basically I would be ready... I am excited how things develop now! :)

I often think about getting married already, as we travel so much during the year that is is tough to save money. It will have to be a budget wedding, but I also have to get my family over. I should really think about school though ;)

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9/30/11 7:30 P

I am not a bride to be but I know that it is just a matter of time. we both talk about kids together and living together and everythin like that so it is honestly just the waiting game... I love the waiting game though! Are there any ladies out there like me?

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