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3/29/13 11:29 A

An Alkaline diet is very interesting to me. I have a tendency to eat alot of meat and dairy, and I do have a 6oz glass of wine after dinner. Hardly any soda. I will give it a go for the next week and see how it goes, from my food tracker I am always low on my carbs as well. Thanks.

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3/28/13 2:58 P

To get sp to up your calories for daily intake, you have to up your daily activity.

3/28/13 2:34 P

You must also take into consideration not just the quantity of calories but the quality as well. It is possible to remain under 1500 calories but be completely nutrition-deficient. Lots of times if we eat and drink a lot of acidic foods (ie soda, sugar, coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy) our body will hold on to fat stores -- especially in the stomach area -- in order to cushion our organs from the acidic foods. Try eating a more alkaline diet of whole foods, fruits and veggies. You may see the weight drop off quickly then!

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3/28/13 2:29 P

Thanks, I have been suspicious of not enough calories for awhile. I have been under 2000 calories for sure for some time and SP put me at 1500, which I thought was low. Any idea how to update the calorie allotment? How do I know what is the correct amount?

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3/28/13 11:08 A

First, I don't know what your weight is. However, if your starting weight is high, you could possibly not be eating enough calories.

Make sure that you not only track your food here, but fill everything out so that SP knows how active you are. By having an active job, you burn more every day calories, so your BMR will be higher than a sedentary person. They will give you a good range to stay in.

Second, if all of that is correct, try adding weights. That can help break through a plateau to help you build more muscle. It isn't a guarantee, just a suggestion.

3/28/13 11:06 A

Hey there!

The first thing I usually look at is someone's nutrition tracker, but yours isn't public. Often there are really easy explanations for why someone gets stuck, hidden in their tracker.

The next thing I notice is that you say you eat around 1500 calories a day, you exercise, AND have an active job. You MIGHT be getting too few calories. Be sure to account for that exercise you do! I've had to learn to deal with this very issue with my body. SP says I need to eat 1200-1550 calories a day, but I live a busy life and exercise. So, occasionally I have to bump up my calories a bit. When I started going outside my range a little, my body stopped being so sluggish with the weight loss. It's one of those weird things about the human body. Sometimes you have to eat MORE to lose weight!

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3/28/13 10:17 A

I am new to Spark, and thought I would throw out my dilemma. I seem to be stuck at a weight, I gain and lose the same 5lbs for quite awhile. I have been tracking food since Jan, on my own and since March 3 with Spark. I am at 1500c/day. I am active as I started to workout, but waitress 5 nights so I am always moving. Burning about 1400 per week. I can't understand why I cant break through to my next goal.

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