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1/28/13 2:31 P

could it depend on how much you are eating compared to what you had been eating?

for example, let's say you had been eating 2000+ calories a day and now are eating closer to 1400?

ALZELL02 SparkPoints: (1,539)
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1/28/13 9:34 A

Thank you guys. I am going to start tracking it offically again on here! Your advice has been great!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,289
1/27/13 9:18 A

You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. And even if you're eating "healthy" foods, if you're eating them in too-large quantities, you will not lose weight. Take nuts for example. They are indeed a "healthy" food. But they can pack a wallop in large quantitiies, because of their fat content. A quarter cup of nuts does not take up much space in the stomach, but is a bunch of calories. So while calorie-wise it "should" be enough, your stomach may be saying, I still have a lot of empty space in here and it doesn't feel like it's enough food!

It is really hard to offer suggestions for your not feeling full, since you don't track. I know that if I eat little bits here and there all day long, I am not satisfied. Even if I eat all the calories in my range. I need to sit down and eat a real meal 3 times a day, beefing up the volume of food with lots of low-starch vegetables or adding a piece of fuit. I may also have a couple small snacks, usually something in the afternoon for sure. But an all-day graze is not for me, 6 small meals a day is not for me.

JKW1957 Posts: 185
1/27/13 8:53 A

I have been tracking my intake on SP for 9 months. I have lost 30 lbs. I rarely feel hungry. Your stomach seems to shrink and you feel full. I agree with everyone that you probably need to make sure you are getting enough protein. If you stay in the nutritional guide lines you should feel better. Make sure you eat several low calorie vegetables each meal. I also found I feel more satisfied if I eat a piece of fruit after my meals. The sweetness of the fruit seems to help add a feeling of satisfaction to the meal. Also exercise seems to make me feel less hungry.

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1/26/13 11:56 A

It's hard to help you since you haven't been using the nutrition tracker, so I suggest using the nutrition tracker starting today :)

NUFLIGHER Posts: 168
1/26/13 11:46 A

Are you getting balanced (a combination of carbs, fats, proteins, and fiber) with every meal AND snack? That makes a big difference for me.

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1/26/13 11:28 A

If you are hungry, there's usually a couple of causes.

1) You're not eating enough overall. If your body isn't getting adequate fuel, even healthy foods won't fill you up. What's your current calorie range, how much are you burning each week, what's your goal weight, goal date, and current weight?

2) YOu're not getting enough fat and protein. Low-fat is not better! You need fat and protein to keep going. VEgetables are necessary, but it's tough to fill up on greenery. YOu need more than lettuce to stay full! I assume you're not a vegetarian, since you're eating chicken and turkey, but how much of these things are you eating?

Because you're not tracking, it's very difficult to provide you with specifics. Track a couple of days worth of meals, and share your nutrition trackers, and we can make specific suggestions base don w hat you're eating.

FUNANDSUN SparkPoints: (22,042)
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1/26/13 12:56 A

I have similar experiences of "unexplained" hunger sometimes, and still learning what causes it. Here's a couple things I've discovered so far: If I'm eating enough calories but still hungry it has usually meant that I'm not eating enough protein, calcium, or fiber (and doing it fairly early in the day). Or sometimes it just means I'm physically tired and really need sleep. Also recently discovered that if I try to cut back on fat too much (below recommended range) my body becomes obsessed with cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes... now I see it's just trying to get what it needs to function properly.
For me, recording things in Sparkpeople has been the key to the learning process... so I would echo the recommendation that you give yourself that opportunity as well. Hang in there and good luck!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
1/25/13 6:11 P

tracking is really the only way to get an answer here. "lots of" isn't much to go off of. and what some people think is "lots of" isn't enough or the right balance for them. and without quantifying what you are getting, it's hard to say what you should try changing. if you're only eating 2oz portions of meats, that might be your problem. you may not be getting enough fat. or fiber. it's really hard to even guess where you should try going without knowing how much you are actually eating.

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1/25/13 5:34 P


I havn't been tracking my calories on sparkpeople consistently yet. I am writing it down in a notebook and focusing on eating better foods, than the calories of those foods. I will start up again, but I still need help. I have been eating lots of fruits, veggies, sunflower seeds and almonds, along with chicken, salmon, and ground turkey. I am drinking between 8 - 16 glasses of water a day (including 4-6 cups of green tea). I have also slowly increased my workout amounts and added 2 days of personal training. The problem is I am not seeing any results. The eating healthy has been for a few weeks and the working out longer. I don't want to give up but I am stuck. I am having a huge problem staying full as well. I am snacking all day (on the fruits, veggies, and nuts), but I seem to always be hungry. Any help is appreciated. What am I missing?

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