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12/13/12 9:35 A

It's all about what a person's priorities are. I skip the mani/pedi for a workout anytime. I will do a lunchtime workout and eat a sandwhich at my desk later on. this is just what works for me. and if I don't fit it in, i still try to eat healthy because that counts too.

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12/12/12 11:52 P

I'm one of the super-busy as well. I love the suggestions, including:

time tracking : I used toggl (just google it) for a week or so to really figure out where my time was going. Awesome to have that info.

just accepting it's not gonna happen right now: So maybe you want to do a serious workout routine, but maybe finals is just not gonna be the time. Be realistic with something like, "After Thanksgiving and through finals I will just make a point to get in 60 minutes of activity a week."

work in little fitness activities: Yeah, 60 minutes a week is not much, but if you do the 10 minute walk to a further bus stop or around the block or whatever, that's better than nothing. Do something so that you don't let fitness fall off the agenda completely. I am totally printing this out to keep around for those times when I don't have time.

Don't get discouraged - you are not a superwoman. Sometimes, something has to give. Your only superpower is that, on some rare occasions, you get to pick what thing it is that gives.

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12/12/12 10:40 P

When I am super busy and have absolutely no time for working out then I just try to eat as clean as I possibly can. I stay right at the low end of my calorie range and try to walk/stand and just move more. If I can stand/pace around while still doing task then I will. I park my car a bit further, even if I am running behind schedule I will jog into the buildings.
Sure I may look a bit silly jogging around from one task to another but even raising my heart rate for 30 second to a minute more than a dozen times a day will help.
Take the stairs whenever you possibly can!!!

If you have 30 minutes for lunch why not bring a portable lunch like a healthy wrap or sandwich that you can eat while doing some brisk walking. Or eating your sandwich and dedicating at least 10 minutes at lunch or at your break to do some walk/run intervals or brisk walking. I work at a school and on lunch breaks which are 40 minutes, I spend 10 minutes eating and 30 minutes walking at a brisk pace around the school yard. Better than sitting in the staff room eating doughnuts!!!

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12/12/12 7:50 P

I agree on cutting back to find time. Sometimes stuff just has to go. There are friendships and websites (like facebook) that I spend almost no time on. I'm not attached-at-the-hip to my iPhone. It doesn't make me a bad or unfriendly person. It's all about re-sortiung one's priorities.

1) I leave work early now by 30 minutes by taking a short lunch/getting in sooner so I can go to the gym 2x per week for weight training. (I put health before "face time" and could care less who judges.)
2) I cut out two volunteering activities in the evenings to spend more time with my kids. (Kids more important than activities.)
3) I exercise with my kids. (Making exercise a priority for all.)
4) My house is dirtier than I like. (I was spending way too much time on cleaning.)

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12/12/12 6:35 P

This is so, so true. I know people who work full-time jobs, take full-time classes, and still try to make time for a social life.

First of all- they don't do well in school. It's nearly impossible to get As and Bs with this kind of schedule. Secondly- they don't have time to cook healthy meals! Fast food saves time now, but knocks years off your life!

Most of these people take such pride in the fact that they can handle this sort of hectic schedule- but you can just tell they are NOT happy at the end of the day. The funny thing is- most of them are getting paid really crappy wages since they don't have degrees yet. Instead of focusing on doing well in school and making connections/references for a GOOD job in the future- they're slaving away for $7.25/hour and killing themselves in the process!

This kind of lifestyle is NOT necessary for ANYONE- I don't care how broke you are or how busy you are. There is always something you can cut back on. :)

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12/12/12 6:25 P

I agree with this. I can see how volunteering might help keep you sane, but exercise is 100% necessary. Would you consider skipping your daily shower in order to volunteer? I highly doubt it! You need to look at exercise that same way.

And if you can make the time to keep volunteering and workout, that's AWESOME! Just make sure you're putting your health first. Don't sacrifice sleep!

Another option could be to volunteer just once or twice a month. Skipping a couple workouts per month isn't gonna kill ya if that's something that's really important to you. :)

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12/12/12 12:05 A

Wow--your post takes me back to the days when I was in school and working full-time as well. I remember how hard it was to work in time to exercise into my schedule. My best advise it to find things that are fun for you to participate in so that exercise is more of a stress reliever, social and relaxing part of your day.

You are right to try to get your exercise in at the beginning of the day; so that it is easier for you to make sure to fit exercise into your schedule everyday before you are too tired and find lots of excuses why you can fit exercise into your day. I am not a morning person but the earlier in the day that I can fit my exercise in the better off I am and the more often that I actually work out.

Good luck in juggling your schedule and know that you are doing the right thing. Just keep putting one foot in front of the to a great song just because you can, take a walk in the crisp morning air and just breath in the fresh air, park a bit further away than you normally would from your classes and add a few more steps to your daily walk to class or the store. Make exercise a part of your everyday experiences and then if you don't get a full work out that day you will still have done some exercise.

Or, take healthy exercise breaks two or three times a day where you take 15 minutes to walk around, do some stretching, do some jumping jacks, jump rope or climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

You can do it! And, remember sometimes everyone needs to sleep in just a bit more but don't let it become a habit. I hope these ideas help. Just don't give up and keep finding ways to fit in exercise each day and you will be the winner in the long run.

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12/11/12 11:46 P

You will probably be surprised how much time you have. Time management skills are essential. In my last semester of college I was my busiest. I had a full-time internship, a part-time job, and normal classes. On top of that I volunteered at my church. I still made healthy meals and went to the gym 4 times a week. Seriously write out everything you do for the week. Figure where and when you are wasting time and plan accordingly.

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12/11/12 9:13 P

Exercise gives me energy. If you fit it in, even in 10 minute increments throughout the day, it actually CREATES time.

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12/11/12 9:08 P

You know when I feel the most tired? When I am not exercising.

Do you have breaks at work? Go for a brisk walk twice a day for 15 minutes--it's certainly better than nothing and will help pep you up.

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12/11/12 7:56 P

Nooo, cutting calories is not enough! :) You will lose muscle and have to eat less and less. Plus so many other reasons. If there is literally not enough time, then that means there is not enough time for volunteering. It is better to think of exercise as a must. Like taking a shower in the morning.

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12/11/12 7:22 P

I am not on the same page as people who say "you just have to make time" and "exercise or study while you cook" or "I had three jobs and four kids and slept four hours a night to make sure I could get my workout in", but that is because I know myself and I know I need downtime as much as I need exercise.

It is true that you have to prioritize, and right now you are prioritizing volunteering, animal care, classes, and work over exercise. If you are not willing to cut back on any of those, then perhaps you truly just don't have time to exercise and you need to cut calories instead.

I would definitely not push yourself if your body needs sleep. Sleep is important in mental health and weight loss.

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12/11/12 5:32 P

More and more I am learning to sort out what is important and to really focus on the important things. I once taught Multi-tasking stragegies, I now think that is a mistake, and for me, it is more important to learn what is important, and to stay focused on the important things.

Just a few more cents worth.


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12/11/12 5:09 P

Andigator, my cousin sent me that video and it helps me stay on track too. Thanks for posting it!

12/11/12 4:57 P

I work 40+ hours a week and drive 1 1/2 hours every day. have a daughter that I have to drive around 3 nights a week and Saturdays. I have a son I have to drive around 4+ nights a week and baseball tournaments and training on weekends. I manage his baseball team. I am the go to mom for dance. I help my husband run a business. I am the maid, the laundromat, the cook, the homework helper, and the taxi.

I still make time to go the gym 3x a week and weekends when I can.

I have to. Otherwise there is no ME time and I won't be around long to watch my children grow up.

Make time. It's for a good reason.

ANDIGATOR Posts: 127
12/11/12 4:26 P

I watch this video to inspire me to make the time:

It helps me keep in mind that exercise is just as important as class/work/dinner and everything else. It will make me more capable of doing those other things.

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12/11/12 4:05 P

If is funny many people here track food and find that they eat more than they thought they were eating.

Try tracking time for a week. I mean everything. You may be surprized to find there are things you do that waist time. I do not say this is for sure, but most people are surprized to find how much time is spent doing nothing or nothing of value.

Aside from that, look for place you can sneak in a bit of exercise. I have had to adjust my schedule due to a family illness. So I park down the street from the hospital and do a light run from the car to the hospital and harder run back. It saves me parking money and also gets me some cardio.

Hope you can find some things that are less important and find yourself time.


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12/11/12 1:58 P

Have tried the 5 a.m. exercise idea, but after about a week I usually have a huge sleep deficit... even if I am able to go to bed by 10, I don't get to sleep till 11 (share my bed lol!). I'm curious how people make that work?

Am psyched to say, however, that my treadmill is FIXED!! Which makes it MUCH easier for me, as a BUSY WAHM, to sneak in some really high quality intervals for 15 minutes at a time. That plus a set of weight and an inflatable ball, are a pretty decent mix.

Would love to find a great class I could do, tho...

12/11/12 10:53 A

I'm with KICKINGIT on this one. While there are a ton of ways to fit more activity into even the busiest schedule (read your textbooks while on the treadmill, jog from class to class, run stairs on your lunch break, pick a fitness class to take at school, do walking lunges through the grocery store, etc), it sounds to me like it may be time to give something up. Take one fewer class per term, cut back on your volunteer or work hours, or get a roommate to help with pets/household chores. If you try to do too much exercise while your body is stressed and exhausted, you may be doing more harm than good.

BARDT01 Posts: 117
12/11/12 8:59 A

I am not a morning person so now exercise for me then. I have found that no matter how busy people say they are (myself included) most still find the time to watch their favorite shows. That is when I get my exercise in. I lift weights, walk in place, do calisthenics, whatever while I am watching, I don't just sit there. Maybe this is true for you too.

HAPPYLISA17 Posts: 213
12/11/12 6:10 A

I am a morning person, but it depends on what is on Lifetime when I hit my rower or treadmill!

STEVIEBEE569 Posts: 10,841
12/11/12 12:35 A

I have to get my workouts done in the morning because in the evenings I get lazy! I stay motivated because of my current progress and I want more progress! Additionally, blogging/journaling helps me stay focused because I'm writing out how I'm feeling about my weight loss journey!

ARICOGFJ Posts: 156
12/10/12 9:53 P

Writing my schedule the night before and inserting my exercise time is a must for me as well as packing my bag the night before.

The other thing I do is try to pick up my pace on all things so I get get more done efficiently. Surfing the web and watching tv are another time waster.

What gets planned gets done.

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12/10/12 6:22 P

My son found the best time for him to workout as a full time college student was getting to classes, pick up your pace to a jog or a run around campus as you move from class to class. Get a pedometer and see much you do walk in a day you might be surprised. Campuses are spread out and many multiple story building. Take the stairs. It all adds up! Good luck on finals and enjoy your semester break when you do your choice of exercise.

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12/10/12 3:27 P

When I was studying I used to do what ever exercise I could between classes. Every little bit helps.
Most of us girls did what we called "pee squats"... so every time we went to the loo we would do 20 squats.
We would also take the stairs.
During lunch we would walk/run from the bottom floor to the top floor and back down again. (we were in an office building in town so didnt have a field to use)
If we did go across to the park we would do some crunches n wot not.
The videos for seated workouts would be helpful I think too... I wish we had them. We did similar, but we made it all up ourselves lol.

KICKINGIT@56 Posts: 3,177
12/10/12 2:09 P

There is a lot of good advice on this thread, but I have a different slant on this question. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing, scheduling and organizing your day to boost productivity. What bothers me most is how as a society we accept a life of being over committed and overextended as normal. Trying to cope with increasing levels of stress is damaging to our bodies, minds and spirits; not to mention all the little treasures of life we miss while traveling through life at the speed of sound. I just think we do TOO MUCH and would benefit from a calmer, simpler life and that means taking a hard look at our lives and making tough decisions on changing some things and eliminating others.

BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
12/10/12 12:59 P

I find that when I am really committed, I can find time, just sitting at my desk I find something to do with my legs or arms, even neck exercises for a few minutes at the time. Every little bit helps.
Walk for 10-15 minutes during my lunch break.

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12/10/12 12:28 P

Like what a lot of other said, exercise must become a priority, but don't sacrifice one healthy habit for another. Sleep is not just a luxury. It's when your body rebuilds tissue, when the brain gets a welcome period of low activity and revives and refreshes the soul.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
12/10/12 11:55 A

Maybe you just need to workout smarter. Depending on how long you're going to work out before, say an hour and now you can only do a half hour, that's fine, just up the intensity.

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12/10/12 11:36 A

Quit making excuses. Just get up and do it...and if it doesn't happen, don't beat yourself up over it, either.

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12/10/12 11:32 A

I wake up without fail at 4 AM every day in order to make sure that I do my workout. Otherwise, I don't feel right the rest of the day. I may be bone tired (for some odd reason, I could only sleep 4 hours last night...I usually get 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night, by the way!), but I'll still get my butt to the gym and get my exercise on. It's something that's now automatic for me.

What I've done to make sure that I make the time to cook and exercise is cut out most of my TV watching. It rarely comes on during the week, but I don't feel like I'm missing much...I haven't had cable in over a year, so I'm not wasting money there, and most of what's on is stuff I'm not interested in anyways.

It's just a matter of priorities and organizing your schedule in order to make sure the priorities are met.

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12/10/12 10:58 A

I'm a college student as well. I make it to the gym when I can, but I frequently can't. Do you live close enough to the places you need to be to walk? I have a pedometer and I get over 5000 steps a day just by walking to classes. If I'm really pressed for time, I do a 10 minute work out video or do a short set of exercises from the SP work out generator. I do them in my room. You can even do them when watching TV. And surely you have at least 10 free minutes a day?

SANDRAPSKI SparkPoints: (28,461)
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12/10/12 10:52 A

Cutting back on sleep, something your mind and body need as much as exercise, isn't generally a good idea. Sleep deprivation makes everything else in your life difficult and study after study document the ill effects.

As so many people have pointed out, prioritizing is important. At this point in your life you may need to examine all of things you think need to get done. Some truly are essential (sleep, eat, feed and exercise the pets, work, volunteer) but some things are habit or the results what you think you "should" do rather than truly need based.

I understand what you say about the volunteer work; this type of activity sounds like what helps you stay balanced and reminds you of why you do everything else. Good on you!

Take 30 minutes and identify your top three values (not "do do's") but those things that matter the most to you at this time in your life - perhaps they include being a successful student, a well-balanced person, and being physically fit and capable of dealing with life's challenges. Then you create a list of all the things that you are doing now including what you think you should be doing.

You've heard the expression, "trying to fit 10 pounds of manure into a 5 pound bag (G-rated version (grin))", that's what your lists are going to remind you of. Now you go through and really think about need versus want. Look at each item on the "to do" list - simple question, does it directly relate to one of your three goals/values? If the answer is no, put a line through it. It does not mean you will never do it, just that right now it doesn't fit and in fact is a distraction. This is hard.

Things like "do laundry" apply to being a successful student - nobody wants to sit next to the "stinky kid" (grin again). Unfortunately, get regular manicure and pedicure might have to go to the wayside for right now - but again, it comes back to your top 3 objectives. More than three will dilute your efforts and you'll constantly feel behind and out of control. Three give you the chance to focus and organize yourself.

Don't know what you're majoring in, but don't over-analyze during the exercise and don't build elaborate justifications or rationalizations. This is about being pragmatic and accepting what is really important to you right now. You have to be pretty honest for this to work. If exercise is a priority in order to fulfill the objective of being able to deal with day-to-day challenges, you don't need to be able to run a marathon but you do need to do basic cardio and a couple of 20 minute strength building sessions a week.

Good luck - and remember you will always be "busy" and fortunately you get some choice about what you'll be busy doing.

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GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (201,314)
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12/10/12 10:41 A

Everyone has the SAME 24 HOURS in their day. How you organize your schedule--family, kids, work, up to you.

I get up & exercise first thing in my morning--or it's really easy to just say Screw It. :) You have to make the choice--and make it a DAILY HABIT.

Do you brush your teeth daily? Do you shower daily? What else do you do to live healthy on a normal day? Make exercise just one more daily habit & you'll never whine about "not enough time" ever again...because your day won't be "right" without it!

ILOST150POUNDS Posts: 1,662
12/10/12 7:36 A

It can be so hard. Count me in as one who moved my schedule around to become an early riser. If I don't get it done before my kids get up, it often doesn't get done!

GRATTECIELLA SparkPoints: (129,557)
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12/10/12 1:36 A

I hear you! To all the people who prioritize exercise above sleep, that may be the right decision sometimes but it doesn't work well for me -- when I am tired I am far more likely to make bad choices. I don't have any solutions, but I do sympathize. It helps when I try to remember that I can still be successful without being perfect -- I can exercise some days and still reap rewards even if I don't do it every day.

ERICNJ28 Posts: 61
12/9/12 6:26 P

Prioritizing your time is key. I know a lot of people who claim they have no time to exercise but yet they manage to never miss their reality shows. Makes sure your workout gets done first, then worry about what Kim Kardashian bought on her last shopping spree

12/9/12 2:06 P

I can understand the busy schedule. Especially when taking classes and professors all needing and wanting projects around the same time. I would say do a little instead of not at all and fit in fitness while you do other things. I have a mini stepper that I bought a while back that at times while I am cooking I use. So while I am stirring a pot of sauce or the like, I would be stepping on my mini stepper. Also, as long as my safety is not at risk, I tend to park as far away from an establishment as possible to force myself to take extra steps, oh and I always return the shopping carts to the front of the store. Things like that can add up. Good luck. emoticon emoticon

N16351D Posts: 2,349
12/9/12 8:52 A

From ages 21 - 28,(1979 - 1985) I was a single mother, who was working and finishing college. I had not enough time to do anything!

I went to bed around midnight, rose at 4:30 - 5 AM, and went jogging around the house or maybe the block for 30 - 60 minutes. I would check on my one daughter whenever I came back to the house. We had a small park in the alley, and I would run around that. I never went more than 2-3 minutes away from the house in a quiet, college community in a town of 30,000 people. I took a shower, and got ready for school before waking my little one at 7 AM.We were out of the door by 8 AM, and to my classes by 9 AM.

All that was before computers existed in private homes so online courses were not an option.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Think about adding a child to your routine at school, or adding more work outside of school. It really complicates things. I had no social life, but after college, I found and married a wonderful man. We have been married 28 years this month! That girl is now 35 and I have four grandkids! It was tough, but it was worth it.

Find 20-30 minutes in your day for exercise. If you don't have kids, you can do it vastly easier than I did! By the way, I am now 55 years old, and still running (outside of illness or injury)!!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,459
12/9/12 6:18 A

Shorter doesn't have to mean 'lower quality' when it comes to working out.

A higher intensity shorter workout can burn just as many calories, and has additional fitness benefits by getting your heart rate higher. And lifitng heavy with compound exercises means you can get in a great all-body strength workout in just 20 minutes.

Aim for longer workouts on weekends when you have more time, and you should have a pretty good workout program overall.


SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,940
12/9/12 1:21 A

Online Now  • ))
there is always time for what you want to do or what you think you need to do that is most important. the whole thing about schedules and prioritizing things is you need to include flexibility. things happen. the computer looses your homework before you can save and print it out, the car gets a flat, the teacher sends home a note telling you to do something, your mother calls with news, the washing machine makes a noise and the plumber will be there between when and then. just do the best you can and don't worry about the rest.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (201,779)
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12/8/12 11:59 P

There's always someone busier than you who makes the time to exercise.

As others have said already, prioritize!

WINGLESS98465 Posts: 389
12/8/12 11:00 P

I work 30+ hours a week, am a full-time student working on my Bachelor's, and have two daughters, ages 4 and 8. Time can be hard, but only if you let it beat you.

My trick: I schedule EVERYTHING. I only get my work schedule 4-6 days ahead of time, so once the week's schedule is posted, I grab out my syllabuses and planner. I decide what days I will do what homework for the week, when I will be helping my kids with their stuff, when my gf needs time for something, when my errands can get done, etc. Thing is, once you've got it all laid out in front of you, you see there's actually a *lot* of time each week to get things done. I might not always be able to do 30 minutes of cardio at 3 pm on Wednesdays, but I know I can always get 4-5 sessions, 30 minutes each, in every week.

I also incorporate as much movement as I can into my daily routine. I walk to and from work. I go the long way to my daughter's school bus stop. I take extra trips bringing in groceries. When I go to the doctor's office, I get off one or two stops ahead of where I need to and walk the rest of the way. When studying for a major test, I set an egg timer to go off every 45 minutes and do jumping jacks, high-knees, or something similar to get my blood moving. I don't lean on the cart in the grocery store. Little things, which do actually add up. You may not be able to record things like "not leaning on the cart", but you will get the benefit of better posture and balance, which will help your weight loss, and make you look slimmer in the meantime.

It is important, however, to note that you do need to sacrifice some things. I don't get to play as many video games as I'd like (I am a HUGE nerd). I have to swallow my pride and ask my lady to pick up more slack around the house, even though she's already with the kids while I'm doing my work/school stuff. I have to turn down invites with friends because I can't postpone my study time, or I'll miss a workout that I *need* to do.

SparkPeople isn't about a diet. It's about changing your life, being healthier, and making that commitment to stay healthy. And that's hard. It's so hard, every day. I work in retail, and let me tell you, I want to start smoking again; I want the donuts that our boss brings in on weekends; I want to just come home, plop on the couch, and not move. It's hard. But instead, when I get home, I change into workout clothes, log stuff for the day, then hit the books and/or a workout dvd. Only *after* I've done those things do I sit and relax in front of Star Trek or some horrid zombie movie with my lady.

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
12/8/12 7:15 P

I had a boss who responded to "I don't have time" with "When will that project be your priority?" You always have the same amount of time - you just prioritize what you do.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
12/8/12 5:54 P

We all have 24 hours a day. And it seems I still don't have enough time!
The prior post is inspirational to me!

SINAED SparkPoints: (15,107)
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12/8/12 5:28 P

i must admit the term...not enough time....amuses me cos there is always a way you just have to find it. I work up to 50 hours a week...studying for a phd as well as raising 7 kids who have their own agendas i have to keep up with. My strategies to keep up with everything are prioritise, routine, multi-tasking, organisation and the most important is delegation.
some ideas to multi-task
1) study notes in plastic sleeves in the kitchen to read while u cooking
2) recording lectures or study notes then listening to them while u work out
3) lunch break is a great time to do a main grocery shop or paying shops remain open longer hours u can pick up fridge or freezer items on your way home from work

i'm very involved with my kids they do come to work after they finish school....they are very sport minded and now we all train together

12/8/12 3:41 P

I have the same problems! I'm a full time student, work 20-36 hrs a week, and planning a wedding. I've found out the best thing to do is fit high intensity workouts in a short about of time.

For example, I spent about 30 minutes on the following exercises:

I've also noticed that eating makes a huge difference! You can lose the weight without any exercise. Exercise will keep you healthy and tone you up. I eat 20% below my TDEE, about 1750 calories, and will give some wiggle room to go over if I exercise. I eat high quality foods that fill me up, hummus is my favorite right now. I'm a picky eater, so the transition to healthy eating is always a work in progress - I've committed myself to try one new fruit or vegetable item biweekly.

I used to think eating 1200 calories a day and spending 1-2 hours at the gym was the way to lose weight, but I've found success even in the short time I have been on this regimen.

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12/8/12 2:48 P

I had to prioritize to make time. But I am lucky I had things I could rearrange

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12/8/12 12:17 P

Hi Cat-

I hear ya, believe me! I'm finishing up my graduate degree and some days it seems like I'm going at 100 mph all the time. On those days, I give myself a break with workouts - maybe 20 minutes on the elliptical instead of an hour-long run. A little less is still better than nothing, right?

Also, you mentioned that you have pets. Don't forget that walking and/or playing with a dog is a great way to sneak in exercise when you might not otherwise have time. In fact, if you enjoy volunteer work, a lot of animal shelters are desperate for volunteers to come by and walk the shelter dogs. That might be a good way to "kill 2 birds with one stone," so to speak. :)

Hope this helps!


CAT20091 Posts: 22
12/8/12 11:45 A

So I'm a super busy college student. I go to school full time, work part time, and volunteer part time (the volunteering thing keeps me sane, believe me) and I live alone so I have a house and a couple pets to take care of. It just seems like I don't have enough time to exercise! Earlier in the semester, I was doing really well about waking up early and getting my workout out of the way before my day really started. But lately, with the more tired I get from late nights writing papers or closing work, it's harder to get out of bed. When I sleep in an extra hour, my whole day is thrown off and I have to cut my workout short so I have time to do everything else that needs to be done.

So how do you manage time around a healthy workout schedule? How do you stay motivated even when you're tired? I get really frustrated when I have to shorten or completely cut out my workout because I couldn't drag myself out of bed early enough.

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