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The Body Media, if I am not mistaken, takes your BMR (basal or resting metabolic rate), your activities of daily living, as well as your 'formal' exercise and tracks them.. What you will want to do is just track your formal exercise in your fitness tracker as SparkPeople's program already factors in your BMR and your activities of daily living to generate your calorie range.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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I have been exercising and changing my eating habits since January 4th and have lost 27 pounds, so am about halfway to my goal. Last week, I ordered and received a Body Media Fit armband. It is showing an average daily calorie burn of 3,600 (for the 3 days I have worn it), which is a lot higher than I expected. Shouldn't that mean that if I am consuming a whopping 2,600 a day, I would lose 2 lbs a week? Or am I figuring wrong? The charts I have looked on recommend a daily intake of 1,300 calories a week for that loss. Anyone know what is right? I keep thinking I am doing something wrong with the band or that it is broken, but not sure what is going on. I am a 40 year old female if that is helpful. Started at 227 lb. and am around 200 lb. now. Thanks for any thoguhts!

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