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1/23/13 5:48 A

I wear the same size and unfortunately, unless you can find a sale on a discontinued color, yes sports bras in that size cost about $50.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/23/13 5:02 A

Same problem but 42 DD. Cannot find support..I check everywhere including Internet. The really good ones with support are too much money. Found one last week at Target that actually works,,so check around

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1/23/13 2:06 A

The closest thing we have is a Macy's, but it's a relatively small Macy's. I might go in just to look at it. I had a feeling that I would have to just suck it up and spend the $$ on something nice- now I just have to explain it my parents (they fund me entirely through school).

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1/23/13 12:18 A

You're not going to like this, but as one big woman to another (I am size 36 or 38 H/DDD depending on the bra), I find that you really get what you pay for. I expect to spend $50 on any bra, whether sports or regular, to get a good fit.

Do you have a department store where you live? They often do good fittings. Another option would be to wear a compression bra over your regular bra for more support, but I don't find that's as comfortable.

I hope you find something that you can wear -- it's really crucial to being able to work out succesfully!

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1/23/13 12:00 A

I just read the article on sizing for sports bras... and to no surprise to me, I find I'm a 32DD. I've known this for a while.

The issue is, I can't find any good sports bras that actually FIT me well. Either they smash my breasts so it is PAINFUL or they do not offer appropriate support in the band! I have found a few places online that carry my size, but they are expensive for a college student- $50?! Really? I would be OK (maybe) paying that much if I knew it was going to fit perfectly... but online... What if you can't return it?

I live in Montana, and we have NO specialty store nearby where I can get what I need. I've seen 32 and 34C but never any higher cup for those two band sizes for encapsulated bras, and I've seen S/M/L sizes, but again- those don't offer the right support.

Do I have to suck it up and by $50 bras or does anybody know where I can get some that are more affordable?

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