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6/26/13 7:36 A

You may want to check out your local gyms/community centers or community education classes. They may offer water or seated workouts. I know my gym has some Silver Sneaker classes, which are geared towards older people but anyone can drop in.

Also, I trust your doctor cleared you for exercise. If you haven't recently discussed it with him/her, you may want to schedule an appointment.

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6/26/13 4:48 A

Do you have access to a pool ? Swimming or water aerobics are both good options. Being in the water will take stress off your feet/joints.

And definitely check out the chair workouts Coach Nicole has posted. If you do a search on YOUTUBE, you'll find hundreds of different chair workouts posted there too. You can even find chair workout DVDs on amazon, but check your local library first. Your local library is not only a great resource for books, you can borrow DVDs too.

SATTVA Posts: 874
6/26/13 1:48 A

Try an upper body ergometer. There are some inexpensive tabletop versions available online. It is like a stationary bike that can be used either with hands or feet. Good exercise either way. emoticon

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6/25/13 10:06 P

Thanks so much! I will check both links!

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6/25/13 9:45 P

Try Coach Nicole's Seated Cardio Workout Video at

Also, the Limited Mobility lifestyle center at
may have some more ideas generally.


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6/25/13 9:40 P

I have diabetic feet and very arthritic toes so I cannot stand very long to exercise. Any suggestions on what exercises I CAN do? I appreciate the help!

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