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4/20/13 12:23 P

Well, you might want to double check with your doctor to make sure eggs weren't supposed to be cut out, since some people do use dairy ambiguously (to include eggs). But most likely it does mean only milk and milk-derived products. If it does include eggs, then I double and triple recommend looking at vegan websites for ideas and tips. So many, many good recipes there, and you can always add meat on the side.

I don't like almond milk in my coffee either. I prefer soy for that, though as you can see from other posts there are plenty of other options out there to try, especially if there's a health food store around.

Good luck!

FROGLADY719 Posts: 653
4/20/13 10:28 A

Thanks so much for all your information! You mentioned eggs, I thought they were dairy and didn't eat them, so I now have options! I do eat egg whites too and stopped. I had cereal with almond milk this morning, it was good. I am not to fond of it in my coffee though, I am used to fat free half and half.

Again thanks for all the input, I am also diabetic so I don't want to rely on things that are harmful for that. The doctor also has me omitting all artificial sweeteners, she said it stops you fromlosing the pounds!


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4/20/13 10:16 A

I have a dairy-allergic son (and could not have dairy myself while still nursing him), so I'm pretty used to getting by without dairy for months at a time. For breakfast, eggs are great -- you can find plenty of non-dairy margarines these days to cook them with if you're frying, or use oil. Almond milk or soy milk makes a good replacement on cereal. You can get away with either or both of those things if you're making something like pancakes or waffles, as well. Breakfast isn't so hard.

The real big challenge (besides cheese, if you like that -- health food stores have a good brand called Daiya that you may find acceptable, but most substitutes I find truly dire and some even actually have milk protein in the form of casein!) is the labels. You will find that nearly every grocery store bread and most grocery store cereals, granola bars, and so on have added milk products. Freihofer's wheat is OK I think, and so are most rye breads. (Health food stores tend to have more options.) But there's no substitute for looking at labels on pretty much anything that comes in a package. You're going to need to watch out for all kinds of danger words, including but not limited to whey, casein, milk, milk powder, etc etc. Depending on how strict you need to be you may also need to look out for things like "lactate" or "lactylate", which may or may not be derived from milk, or caramel color, which usually is. (Caramel on its own contains milk, too.) You may or may not need to worry about whether the product was processed in the same facility or on the same equipment as things that contain milk -- you can usually find that information at the end of the ingredient list. There are websites out there that contain the complete list of ingredients that might be a problem.

A useful tip is to look for kosher symbols (usually on the front of the package somewhere, if present). A stylized U or K *without* a little "D" next to it means no milk. (If there is a "D", stay away.) The word "pareve" or "parve" always means no milk.

For recipes, if you get bored or out of inspiration, I greatly recommend vegan cooking websites. I've found such great stuff on those, and less "fake food" than you might expect.

CRIDLE1 Posts: 9
4/19/13 6:32 P

I like oatmeal with fruit.

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4/19/13 12:55 P

I choose not to do dairy (because of sinus issues) and soy (because of the way it is now processed) so if I need to do a milk like product i either do coconut milk or almond milk. However I am very careful of the brands of almond milk if i do buy it-- I only use the whole foods 365 brand or trader joe brands. they do not have casein or carageenan in them. Haven't been able to find a coconut milk without carageenan though.

as far as breakfast, you could always eat granola, make smoothies, do fruit and nut butters, eat a fruit salad, i make raw crepes, raw donuts, raw cinnamon rolls. you could make nut cheeses.

There is really more than you think. I don't miss the bread, eggs, or anything made with dairy. I don't miss ice cream.

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4/19/13 12:41 P

You said no dairy, but are you otherwise vegetarian or omnivore? My breakfast is usually two eggs, some fruit, and a glass of almond milk (for the calcium). I've also done fruit/vegetables smoothies with almond milk.

I use almond cheese on my pizza and tacos and such. Soy ice cream just has too much sugar, and I really try to limit my soy intake. When I'm really craving something I'll have sorbet. No dairy, still lots of sugar, but very rich so I feel satisfied with a lot less. Of course, sometimes I do my own home-made "sherbert" sort of deal, frozen fruit and almond milk in the blender.

They do have soy cream cheese, yoghurt, and other replacement options. I guess it depends on whether you really need to feel like you're still having dairy or if you're okay giving it mostly up and making do without.

FROGLADY719 Posts: 653
4/19/13 11:44 A

thanks for all the input, I am off to a supermarket to read labels after lunch, what an exciting social life lol

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4/19/13 11:36 A

There are so many alternatives to cow's milk, it's kind of crazy. My favorites are flax milk (sold in the refrigerated section), hazelnut milk, and coconut milk. There's also hemp milk, oat milk, soy milk, and almond milk (and probably others I'm forgetting). Flax and coconut are probably the closest to imitating cow's milk - for me anyway. I like to make shakes in the morning - you can see what I put in the blender by checking out my nutrition tracker - I think the last shake I had was on Wednesday, but the beautiful thing is you can substitute any of it for things that are more to your taste.

If you're anything like me, you love to have cheese on almost any dish, especially hot breakfast dishes. I've been able to steer away from that by adding interesting spices to scrambles, like turmeric and cayenne pepper. I also like to put a little bit of salsa on top and add a lot of veggies for texture.

You might also want to check out the "Do you eat breakfast" thread on this board - I bet there are tons of ideas that don't include dairy.

SBURDEN Posts: 11,387
4/19/13 11:08 A

It takes time but reading labels will help. I had to do the same thing. I love icecream so I learned that DQ icecream is different, which helped. Cool whip gives you the feeling of dairy but doesn't really have as much or any in it. I also drink almond milk which is pretty yummy. Is there a difference if the dairy is cooked or uncooked? I find that cooked dairy products such as milk in a muffin, doesn't bother me.

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4/19/13 9:24 A

check out any vegan cookbook or blog for what they use to sub in or just replace with. even if you add in sausage instead of veggie sausage, the idea for the dairy will be the same.

FROGLADY719 Posts: 653
4/19/13 9:17 A

I have just been told to keep all dairy product out of my diet for a while due to a health issue. I am having a hard time trying to get foods for breakfast and hoping someone has ideas!


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