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7/23/14 5:33 P

Dr. Oz is a shill and a sham. He sells snake oil to gullible people. emoticon

TEENIEME3 Posts: 692
7/23/14 7:27 A

He was just in trouble with the FDA (I think) because of all the products he tells people about on his show. He has "a New way to do this or a way to do that in your life..."
He did have to answer that question regarding whether or not he gets kickbacks or paid to tell people about those pills and products. He does NOT get any money from those products or paid to talk about them. He said he has done "his own research on the products and actually believes that the things he claims on his show to be true, to the best of his own personal knowledge."
Now, that being said, why would he have to tell everyone about all these pills/products when the only TRUE way to do anything is with hard work and determination to change your own life or lose weight, etc...?! That's what I don't understand.
Don't get me wrong, I do like him and I am not bashing Dr. Oz, he has done a lot of good for people, but I don't watch his show much anymore because its like an hour long advertisement for products that I won't use. emoticon

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7/23/14 6:19 A

I don't trust Dr. Oz at all. No offense to anyone who watches, but I used to watch (he was on after Ellen) and it was like he was up to shill for the highest bidder. One week he'd have a person promoting say a vegan diet for health, next week it would be someone pushing a book that said the opposite and he was basically saying they were both 100% right. That's unethical in my opinion.
The only magic pill I can attest to is a good multivitamin, just to cover your bases, though technically your diet should be providing those nutrients.

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7/22/14 7:50 P

I have a confession to make. I have been listening to Dr Oz and basically try every diet pill he has on his show. I have green tea pills, raspberry ketones, coffee beans and not to mention the really expensive ones that are supposed to burn the fat away like magic. I was living in denial. I was eating all kinds if crap... Especially blizzards from DQ and blaming my husband for shrinking my jeans. How could I possibly be gaining weight if I never stepped on a scale and was taking diet pills Dr Oz recommended. My husband says Dr Oz must own stock in the diet pills on his shows because they fly off the shelves of stores as soon as they are on his show. I'm no longer in denial. I threw out all the pills and continue to have my husband enjoy doing the laundry. I no longer eat DQ and I'm riding 11 miles an hour on my bike. Now my butt hurts from riding but I am starting to lose it.... Weight that is...

Any suggestions are welcome. I can use the help from all you experts out there!

JASONV8 Posts: 805
7/22/14 7:40 P

This is a great post.

actually there is, and believe it or not it is called Magic Pill. It comes out Tomorrow. A 80 year trial has concluded that it indeed is 100% safe, and actually brings about super hero abilities of your choice- along with the weight loss desired. ;)

Seriously. j/k No really I am. :D

When we are ready to change we will do so more often than not, and hopefully it is not too late in the way of illness, or some other catastrophe. I like this saying which rings ever so true.


If you focus on results, you will never change.

If you focus on change, you will get results. ~ Jack Dixon


PS: Congrats on your journey through self improvement. :)

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7/22/14 2:43 P

I haven't figured this all out yet.. I'm a work I'm progress. I just know that regardless. I will work on this everyday. I don't understand food but will learn. I did the Atkins diet before and the weight came right off. I turn 40 and the weight won't come off so easily. I would love any advice you have to offer since you are so successful.


MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
7/22/14 2:33 P

You can do it, one day at a time. The doctor is right, the pills might work for a while, but then the weight will come back. And--in the meantime, screw up your body. Eat clean, get enough protein and exercise.

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7/22/14 1:46 P

You have found the magic pill! Eat Less + Exercise More.

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7/22/14 1:34 P

Good for your doctor!!! The last big "magic pill" was "Fen-Phen" (Fenfluramine/phentermine) -- Sure, it worked. It KILLED several people and permanently damaged even more.

Don't fall into that trap.

Eat well, exercise often, live longer.

I'm the reason why I'm overweight. No one made me do it. I did it.
~ Neil Cavuto ~

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7/22/14 1:09 P

Absolutely! I love your attitude! I will be watching!

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7/22/14 12:23 P

I am 5'5" and topped at 195 pounds but enough is enough! My husband tells me everyday that I'm beautiful. He's never said that I need to lose weight. This is all me. I am having to squeeze into my size 12 jeans and try to wear baggy tops to hide my shape. This is ally fault and only I can make the weight come off. I refuse to keep buying bigger sizes because the weight keeps coming on. I own this now.... I lost three pounds and it's such a big deal for me. I have tried the Atkins for three months and didn't lose a single pound. Now it's a challenge that I am fully ready to take in and conquer. Watch my butterfly on my ticker continue to move along! Nice meeting you!

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7/22/14 12:02 P

Ahh I totally misread that... Well I am putting it out in the universe that you WILL lose 30lbs!!! You are right you have to really want to lose weight in order to do so. I am only 5'2 and topped the scale at 268... when I had to go to the store and buy bigger jeans because my size 20's weren't cutting it for me anymore... that's when I knew it was time for a change. I made the change for my entire family. My husband is now working out with me and so is my son. We have made this a family lifestyle change as well which makes it much easier! You can absolutely do this as long as you put your mind to it. You got this!

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7/22/14 11:56 A

I only lost 3 pounds not 30 :(. I'm a work in progress and will lose that much eventually. I think it's just a matter of how bad you want it. I'm not in denial anymore. It was very easy to put the weight on. I live near a DQ and got large blizzards several times a week. My husband is doing the Atkins diet and has lost 32 pounds and I was so upset when I couldn't shed even one pound. So this is a family lifestyle change. I have my kids riding bikes with us and I am up to 11 miles in 60 minutes. There's no turning back now. I've got a plan for a future and it doesn't include me at this weight. I plan to celebrate by going to Jamaica in February so the weight needs to come off!!

Thanks for replying to my blog!

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7/22/14 11:38 A

Thats right there is no such thing as a magic pill!!

Congratulations on your 30 lb weight loss, that is not easy and is something to celebrate. Nutrition is so important once you have that down pact and exercise at least 30 minutes a day you will be rocking and rolling. I have lost almost 70lbs in the last 7 months by changing my diet, exercising and logging into my accountability group once daily. Its been an amazing experience!

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7/22/14 11:31 A

I went to my doctor yesterday because I have a severe case of strep throat. Anyway, the doctor is my sister's close friend. I know that the doctor used to be overweight and took diet pills to lose the weight. So, I asked her if she would prescribe me pills to kick start this weight loss journey for me. She said no there is no such thing as a magic weight loss pill. You have to go through the journey and lose the weight and learn to count the calories and incorporate fitness as part of your life. She said the pills didn't work for her either. The weight came off but once the pills were done, the weight came back. She had to learn how to do it properly through diet and exercise.

So, I am going to pay closer attention to the calories that I am eating, and make sure to exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes. I have lost 3 pounds so far!!!!

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