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8/26/14 9:42 A

It could. You do retain some water after a strenuous workout as your body repairs muscle tissue. I find it can take a full day or two after a really hard workout for the extra water to flush out. Also remember that women have monthly hormonal fluctuations that also affect water retention.

Watching salt intake and eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits can help reduce water retention.

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8/26/14 8:57 A

jerf: Can you retain water weight when you first start working out? Would this cause the scale to show no loss at first despite a reasonable calorie range?

I thought I read something about that once, but am not sure.

8/26/14 8:31 A

Lol see, I'm very clueless with this stuff. I'm worried that if I start trying to remove carbs and add fats I'm going to mess up my meal plan and be totally off kilter. I'll stick with this for another month or so and if I don't get some results on the scale, I'll ask him to revise my meal plan for me.

Thanks for everyone's advise. I'm feeling a lot better about it now and am ready to kick some butt at kick boxing tonight. My motivation is back!

8/26/14 8:26 A

Lol, protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram, fat has 9 calories per gram.

If you're happy, we're happy emoticon

8/26/14 8:10 A

Hi Justeats,

Your equation is like a foreign language to me lol. I have no idea about any of that stuff, but just going off the meal plan that my trainer gave me. We did not talk about a low-carb diet whatsoever. When my trainer and I first met, I told him my goal was 50 lbs in 9 months, and to tone up. I do know my trainer is all about the protein be his reason for that is because I try to do 4 intense workouts a week and have an 'active' day in addition to that, for instance, an hour long jog or something. I spoke with him last night about it and he said that I most likely have lost fat but have gained muscle, which we all know weighs more. He said inches lost is just as good as scale results. I'm satisfied with his answer for now.

8/26/14 7:33 A

Hi Courtney emoticon

Based on the information you posted earlier

"I can tell you that I'm between 1500-1530 calories, 140grams of protein (x 4 = 560 calories) 147 carbs (x 4 = 588 calories) and 42 grams of fat (x 9 = 378 calories) a day. "

I figured out that you are eating 1726 calories a day 38% protein, 40% carbohydrate and 22% fat. Does that look right?

A couple things stand out to me about what you've said so far. 1200 calories is the bare minimum a women needs to eat to survive. SP will not let you go lower than 1200 calories for safety reasons. If your goal is too aggressive, if you are trying to lose the weight too fast you will see the 1200 calorie default number. You however are active so you will need to eat slightly more than someone who just sits around all day. 1500 sounds like a good number.

I am by no means an expert but 38% of calories from protein seems high to me. Most diets SP, South Beach, Zone or Atkins all have an upper limit for protein at 30% of calories. Too much protein is converted into sugar in the body.

Low carb diets (I'm not sure if you're trying to be on one or not) are not supposed to be high in protein. They are supposed to be high in fat. If eating low carb is your plan then try lowering your protein to a maximum 30% of total calories. You can play with your fat and carb ranges until you find what works for you. Some people like to eat more of one or the other.

I prefer to eat the majority of my carbs from vegetables and fruit sources so while I always get 10+ servings of fresh produce a day the actual carb content is lower than someone who's getting most of their carbs from breads, cereals and grains. I also love eggs and savoury foods so healthy fats make up a large portion of my calories. You'll have to find what works for you on a long term basis though.

Like KASTRA said if you've lost inches that's a great non scale victory. Your weight should catch up to your body. I also think you are going to have to track your food and exercise until you're losing and comfortable with portions if weight loss is your goal.

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8/26/14 5:57 A

I would increase the fats and decrease the carbs.

8/25/14 9:21 P

I am walking into my session with them as we speak and I will be talking to him for sure. Thanks :)

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8/25/14 8:53 P

Have you talked to your trainer about why you might not be losing? Maybe the trainer can help you modify your meal plan if you need to reduce calories.

Make sure you are measuring and not just guessing. I overestimated portion sizes so I was eating more than I thought. I was also adding extra calories by doing things like finishing the last few bites of my kids' food or tasting a few spoonfuls when I was making dinner for the kids. That would sometimes add up to a few extra hundred calories.

I am 5 ft 6 started at 158. My doctor said I was borderline overweight. He said if I kept gaining a few pounds a year I was on my way to being overweight.

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8/25/14 3:39 P

Hi Anarie,

I have been between 120-130 for many many many years and was healthy. Definitely not anorexic looking. I did speak with my doctor (who I have had since the ripe age of 8) and yes, I am overweight. The reason I am 170 lbs now is because I gained 45-50 lbs with my last child and it didn't come off as easy as my first child. As far as my BMI goes, I am on the top end of being overweight. My BMI is 27.44. 120lbs would put me at a BMI of 19.37 which is within a normal weight. I don't mean to be rude by any means, but if my doc and my trainer say that I am over weight and think that 120 is realistic then I don't think I'm overshooting.

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8/25/14 3:20 P

First of all, forget about losing 1-2 pounds per week. At 5'6" and 170, you're not overweight enough to lose that fast. Half a pound is more realistic. And it's very common to "stick" at a BMI of around 27, which is where you are. Your body doesn't think you're overweight (and in fact, there's really no proven health risk for a BMI of 27. They set the definition of "overweight" at 25 to give a safety margin.) Since your body doesn't recognize any threat, it tends to want to keep your weight steady in the highest safe spot. It may take a couple of months of healthy, nutritious calorie-restricted eating to convince it that the fact that you're eating less doesn't mean there's a famine coming.

Also, have you been at the same weight throughout these four weeks, or did you weight dip a little and then come back up? Remember that four weeks is one hormonal cycle, so what looks like lack of progress might just be hormone-related water retention. Lots of women (and even some men) don't really see any change until week 4 or even week 8 or 9. It's too early to panic yet.

And also consider that your goal of 120 is probably not realistic or healthy. It would give you a BMI of 19.4, which is too low for most adult women of European ancestry. If you were an Asian teenager it might work, but a woman of your age and genetic makeup generally has too much bone and muscle to get down that low without sacrificing healthy tissue. Talk to you doctor, but it's probably best to focus on eating well and meeting all of your nutritional needs, plus getting exercise for heart health, and think of weight loss as a welcome side effect.

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8/25/14 3:16 P

I have to agree with what spark is telling you. Although the trainer wants you to maintain a good level of calories to keep up with the exercise it seems like it is also more of a maintenance level of calories for someone at your height and weight. I would try drinking a bit less water and decreases calories just a bit. I don't think the coffee is the problem. I also agree with the others to actually try tracking your foods yourself to be sure on the calories because you would be surprised how easy they go up. Good luck and I am sure you will figure out a solution.

8/25/14 2:17 P

SP says that for me to lose between 1-2lbs a week I should only be eating 1200 calories. My trainer said not to eat less than 1500. I think of exercising more for toning up than losing weight. I don't know... GRR!

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8/25/14 2:01 P

I had a significant weight loss this week after switching to the calories allowed on SP without factoring in the amount of exercise I get. Huge difference. Five pounds lost in one week. emoticon

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8/25/14 1:59 P

I wouldn't necessarily say 147 carbs/day is low carb - seems fairly moderate - but I was going with your original statement.

Well, hey! If you've lost inches...forget that scale! I do not know anyone that wears a plaque around their necks announcing their weight, and unless someone tries to pick you up, they'll have no idea about that measurement. Everyone sees the results your measuring tape displays, though. That's the big winner. Inches is what drops you a clothing size and makes you tighter and more firm. A lot of times, it takes time for your bodies to get on the same page and start dropping pounds. If you've dropped inches, give it longer and I'd bet a cup of coffee (heh) you'll see pounds start to drop. It might not be fast, but remember that the scale isn't the ideal measurement of success since only you see that number.

8/25/14 1:45 P

Thanks Kastra. She put my coffee consumption/creamer into my meal plan cause I told her it was the one thing I couldn't live without. I may add a tsp more sauce then the recipe calls for but then I omit my evening snack which should be more than sufficient because in those cases I will figure out the calories. I did just take measurements and it looks as though I am down a couple of inches front my hips down so perhaps I have lost weight/inches and gained some muscle. I would still have liked to see the scale go down though. Is my meal plan considered low-carb? (I don't have any clue about this stuff.)

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8/25/14 1:39 P

Did she give you the recipes, and are you measuring carefully when assembling the recipes? A lot of times, the "little bit of extra this," or "extra pinch of that" can add up, calorie-wise. Your meal plan and menu may be exactly what you need to lose, but if you make any modifications to the recipes, add anything not called for, you could be adding hundreds of extra calories. (Probably not that many, but not impossible, either.)

What all do you put in your coffee, and how many "cups" do you have a day? Personally, I dropped coffee altogether because the only way I like coffee ended up at 150-300 calories per "cup" (moderate to huge mugs). If I had more than one a day, that would easily explain a stall.

If not that, ask her for a plan that is not low carb? Low carb doesn't work for everyone. Yes, a lot of people have had fantastic success. There are more than a few people that tried and failed at it, though. Personally, I crashed and burned hard when I tried and found I function best on moderate-to-high carb (55-60% carb, 25% protein, rest fat). When something isn't working and you're certain you're doing it right, look for another solution.

8/25/14 1:08 P

I can tell you that I'm between 1500-1530 calories, 140grams of protein, 147 carbs, and 42 grams of fat a day.

8/25/14 12:41 P

I was but when they gave me the meal plan, she said she counted the calories for me so I didn't need to.

8/25/14 12:21 P

Are you tracking your food intake here at Sparkpeople?
Seeing your tracker may help with ideas and tips.
Do you want to make it public?

Are you weighing or measuring everything you eat or drink.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

8/25/14 12:11 P

So I have been working out 3-4 times a week with a personal trainer, eating. 1500 cal/day meal plan (no cheating other than maybe an extra cup of coffee), drinking crazy amounts of water, and I haven't lost a pounds. What is going on? This is my 4th week. I'm didn't expect to lose a lot of weight by now but I thought the scale would move a bit atleast. Any ideas? I'm 5'6, 170lbs at the moment. The trainer who gave me the workout said I should not go under 1500 cals or my body would go into starvation mode but could they have miscalculated what I need to lose weight? I am eating chicken, chicken, fish, more chicken, and veggies like crazy. Very little carbs, no pop, juice, or milk. Any advise? I'm not giving up but I definitely feel myself losing motivation.

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