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2/8/13 3:30 A

emoticon That's great.

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2/7/13 8:39 P

That is awesome! I know the pain and am so glad that something so simple can alleviate them for you! Keep up the good work!

BOGUSANNIE Posts: 1,745
2/7/13 1:29 P

I totally know the feeling....I get migraines all the time but as long as I am eating healthy, I get them far less often!


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2/6/13 7:26 P


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2/6/13 5:48 P


SCGAALMOM Posts: 232
2/6/13 1:42 P

So happy for you! emoticon

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2/5/13 11:26 A

Wow, what a great benefit! That alone is worth it, although I bet there are other benefits as well. It's hard to lose weight when you are stressed, but you are working hard at it anyway. You are strong! Keep up the good work.

2/5/13 9:00 A

That is wonderful news for you. Congratulations. I think you were really smart to take a step back and notice the "other" benefits. We all need to do that more often. Lot's of smiles to you!! emoticon

LITTLEMISS28 Posts: 11
2/5/13 8:54 A

Lately I've been struggling a lot because although I'm working hard, it isn't showing on the scale. However, I've been searching for non-scale victories, and this morning I realized that I haven't had any migraines in over 3 weeks. I'm a student who works full-time, and during stressful periods I sometimes took 10+ Tylenols a week to cure my migraines. The pain would be so bad that I couldn't go out with friends, or study, or do the things I wanted to do because I had to sleep it off. It got to a point that the Tylenol wouldn't even cure my migraines anymore. I went to the doctor a few times and they were at a point where they were going to recommend low-dosage antidepressants.

Now, I honestly can't remember the last time I took anything for head pain. My quality of life has improved so much, just from eating healthy and exercising. :D

For people like me who are having trouble finding non-scale victories, try to find small changes in your life, health or mood that add up to make a big difference!

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