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1/23/13 9:33 P

Is that for all ingredients you are searching for or one in particular? Can you give me at least one example of what you are searching for? Also, did you change any of the searching options?

Coach Denise

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1/23/13 9:17 P

When I try to add my own recipe and put in an ingredient and then search nothing comes up. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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1/19/13 2:09 P

TAMMY, by the way, you can just unclick the box at the bottom of the entry page in the builder so it's not shared. I have probably over 100 recipes in my builder but I've only shared one or two of them.

1/19/13 10:57 A

Some people, including me use the recipe builder for their own use. I do however, make sure that my recipes include all measures and steps just in case anyone else views them.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,474
1/19/13 10:54 A

If a recipe is shared by a member, then they should include all that information. If you find recipes that don't, please click on the link to report it as inappropriate so we can remove it from the shared database.

Thank you!

Coach Denise

1/18/13 5:09 P

I'm a little perplexed to search all these wonderful sounding recipes, and when I pull it up, people have not bothered to enter measurements, some don't even put ingredients. Shouldn't there be some standard on how recipes are submitted? I've pulled up like 20 under "paleo" and only two or three had anything written at all! Not ONE recipe that I pulled up, gave full instructions or measurements for anything. Real bummer emoticon

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