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10/1/12 9:51 P

Love Indian food but tend to over indulge! The recipe link looks fantastic, will try it soon! Thanks!

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10/1/12 6:25 P

Do you like spicy food? You can make approximations of lots of curries in a single pot and they're very easy to adjust to your own taste. Obviously the ones with cream/coconut cream sauces are pretty calorific, but you can make low fat substitutions or reduce the amount of sauce you make.

I love tarka dal (daal/ dhal), which also has the advantages of being incredibly cheap to make and a great comfort food. Just serve your choice of flat bread or, as I have been known to do, just a spoon. There are endless of variations of dhal and I would suggest doing a bit of googling to find one that you fancy.

Still on the subject of spicy - I make aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower curry) a lot. It doesn't need anything else to go with it because of the potatoes.

Oh, and I was having a look for other suggestions for you and came across this

No idea what it's like, but I'll be trying it for my dinner at some point this week.

Any of those any good for you?

Jen x

LOVEMYBODY2012 Posts: 20
10/1/12 4:37 P

Meat is fine, all veggie or bean good too! I just want to have some good go-to recipes. Thanks for responding!

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10/1/12 1:26 P

Are you looking for vegetarian recipes or can it have meat in?

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9/24/12 9:58 A

Does anyone have any good recipes for one dish meals that does not rely on green peppers (or red or yellow) for flavor?

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