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7/2/13 11:09 P

My vote is for a decent powered microwave...and as someone suggested, put It on top of a dorm refrig. And then go to the library, check out one or two decent microwave cookbooks!! You can literally, cook ANYTHING in a microwave. There are even Microwave baking pans, and meat browning pans to make it easier.... The baked goods come out a bit "iffy" in my experience---you won't get quite the same texture as in an you have to choose your recipes carefully. (I used to make a really , really good Chocolate Pudding Cake for instance...!) I have even roasted 12lb turkeys in the Microwave--yes--they brown! Not quite as nicely as an oven, but looks ain't everything!! (Any meat that cooks long enough will brown....the biggest problem is small pieces cook almost too quickly...) Veggies are superb; eggs a snap; bacon is wonderful.... Noodles/rice will take the same amount of time as in a pan on the stove because the water still has to be absorbed.

They also have Combo Microwave/Convection ovens now....I haven't used one of those.

The other all-purpose kitchen item is a small crockpot.... Very useful.

Enjoy this new adventure in your life!!

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7/2/13 10:46 P

Make the most of your space. You can use a small fridge at bedside. Put a small microwave on top, and a little toaster oven on that. Has to be a place for a hot plate somewhere, even if only on the bathroom vanity counter. You'd be amazed at what you can make it through with those few appliances!

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7/2/13 9:09 P

I got a dorm-sized fridge, a hot plate and a small, portable oven! For one person, this is very workable, even if you do cook a lot. Buying a lot of canned/dry food is helpful in this situation.

If you can fit in a tiny freezer...even better!

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7/2/13 6:48 P

Well, you really need a fridge, so lets say you get a small one that will double as a side table. I'm guessing that you have a microwave, and perhaps even a toaster oven. I would add a rice cooker myself.--one with a steamer tray is nice, though you can do all that in a microwave.

I don't know what you like to cook, but there are cookbooks for making meals in rice cookers, kind of like crock pot, but faster. I'm sure there are even more books for microwave cooking.

With that little storage, I hope you, like my cousin in the city, have a little grocery store across the street from you--then you can drop by there for your salad makings every evening, just that you can only buy as much as you are going to eat of perishables. Roasted vegies from the toaster oven would be delicious in cold weather. I don't suppose there is a refrigerator at work you could kind of use for storing your lunch food for the week in maybe?

There are the obvious "top shelf" meals that don't need refrigerated storage. There are all sorts of empty calorie pitfalls, like instant ramen noodle cups (they deep fry those noodles, did you know that?).

Anyway, thats what I could think of.

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Hi there Wildeisonmine. I have lived like that briefly. What I did; canned food, bread, fresh fruits and take-out. Healthfully? Not sure, probably not very. But at least I never got food-poisoned. I had a microwave, it made it possible to buy semi-healthy microwave-dinner. I had to cook them right after returning from the store though, since I had no fridge.

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7/2/13 6:27 P

A microwave can work wonders. You can microwave eggs, frozen rices, pre-cooked chicken, etc. I know some people think microwaves are evil, but they could save you in this instance.

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7/2/13 6:25 P

Do you have good access to grocery stores/shopping? The stove isn't so hard to work around (especially in the summer), because who wants to cook anyways - you can make lots of interesting salads and cold plates....

Living without a fridge (especially in summer) is another story altogether. If you have easy access to shopping, you may find you do best by making food-shopping a daily experience.

Some canned items could be really helpful - tuna, salmon, various kinds of beans... you can use these as a base for a cold salad. Pasta can be cooked in individual-meal quantities in a microwave (some kinds of noodles - like rice vermicelli or soba noodles or fresh udon - don't need much in the way of boiling... if you have access to a microwave or can heat a kettle of water, these can be yours. Some condiments can be stored without refrigeration for a little while (mustard, hard cheese) as can several kinds of fruit and veg. Bread and peanut butter are a couple more good standbys.

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7/2/13 6:21 P

1) Buy a mini-fridge, toaster oven, and a hot plate.

2) Learn to shop such that you only buy what you can fit in the fridge

3) There are websites that list what food *must* go in the fridge and what common items that usually go in but don't actually need to. This will be invaluable.

4) Check out healthy eating cookbooks geared towards college students. They generally have good ideas for meals that don't require appliances.

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7/2/13 5:49 P

Just moved in to the world's tiniest apartment. It is called a 'bachelor' because there is no proper kitchen. Any suggestions on how I can eat healthfully with no fridge or oven/stove would be GREATLY appreciated

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